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Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment Programme

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Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment Programme


St Lucia Citizenship By Investment & Passport

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Visa-free travel to over 140 countries including Schengen countries, the UK, and is one of three countries to enjoy visa-free travel to China. This allows visits of up to 90 out of every 180 days in the Schengen countries. A Grenadian passport allows the holder to travel to around 140 countries and spend a maximum of 90 out of every 180 days in any of the Schengen zone countries.

However, if you keep it for five years, you don’t have to pay capital gains tax when selling. Around the world, many countries offer CIPs to wealthy foreign investors. In these countries, applicants can receive permanent residency by sustaining their investment for a period of 2-5 years. However, the Caribbean nations offer resident permit turkey cheaper and faster route to full citizenship in exchange for just a one-off investment. For example, St. Kitts and Nevis processes an application in just under 90 days. A large number of Caribbean countries are launching citizenship by investment programs in an attempt to increase their foreign direct investment .

Dual Passports For Travel

People can also include a spouse, children under 31 and parents over 56. The CIP was however scrapped after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US, due to fears that their passports could potentially get sold to terrorists. The Grenada government was also blamed for corruption and the country was placed on an international blacklist of countries who do not cooperate in fighting money laundering. After Grenada closed its CIP in 2002, it was removed from the blacklist.

It also permits parents/grandparents of any age, and children under age 30, who are not necessarily registered in school. The right to apply for Belgian citizenship becomes available after 5 years of permanent residence in the country. Citizenship is granted subject to passing French, German, or Dutch language proficiency examination and proof of active participation in country’s economic life. You do not need to renounce your current citizenship, as dual citizenship is recognized at the legislative level in Belgium. Imperial & Legal team of experts will provide full legal support in your Grenada citizenship by investment application, including finding an investment property and a reliable property management company.


In 1862 the canton of Vaud introduced lump-sum taxation, which sought to tax wealthy foreigners who had taken up residence in Switzerland but were not contributing to the upkeep of the infrastructure from which they benefited. Today high net worth individuals can significantly reduce their tax burden by taking up residence in Switzerland. Turkey unlocks visa-free access to 110 countries worldwide, including Singapore, Japan, Qatar and South Korea.

HongKong citizenship by investment

Both residency and citizenship provide access to education, healthcare, and other benefits. As a French citizen, you would also become a citizen of the European Union and would enjoy the ability to move about freely through other EU states. Below, listed in law firm turkey alphabetical order, are five developed countries in which establishing permanent residency is fairly easy. The benefits of establishing residency include the ability to bank and conduct business in that country, as well as obtain health benefits there.

We followed the citizenship trail to the tiny Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. Since the country introduced its new citizenship scheme four years ago, it’s seen an explosion of interest. Passports now provide the biggest source of its government’s revenues. Mr Kalin, who has been dubbed “Mr Passport”, is the chairman of Henley & Partners, one of the world’s biggest players in this rapidly growing market. His global business helps wealthy individuals and their families acquire residency or citizenship in other countries. Therefore, CBI applicants who have property and business outside Grenada are not subject to new taxes.

HongKong citizenship by investment

Investment in one of the hotel-managed SIRO residences at Boka Place qualifies buyers to apply for Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment. A Montenegrin passport offers access to the Schengen zone, Russia, Turkey, Hong Kong and more – the perfect choice for a second passport. They will advise you on the Cheapest country to buy turkish citizenship citizenship in Europe without any guarantees. Remember you must read and study every country currently availing the Investment programs as each country has its specific set procedures to this. This is a visa to inspire Investment in Ireland and is the best program for high net worth families seeking to settle in Europe.

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