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The Official Website Of Tourism Authority Of Thailand

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The Official Website Of Tourism Authority Of Thailand


How To Apply For Thailand Tourist Visa

Thailand Visa Application Form: A Two

The funds have to be stored in a Thai bank, and they can either be stored in a fixed deposit account or a savings account. However, it can not be linked to the stock market or held in any form of market account. We sell expat health insurance, click here for a 1-minute quote! All travellers must also make sure that they are in possession of a passport valid for at least six months and a round-trip air ticket.

Thailand allows the citizens of a bunch of countries a visa waiver, such as USA, Canada, UK and most of Europe. A Thai tourist visa makes sense if you wish to stay longer than 29 days in Thailand. Besides the visa there are easier ways, if you just want to stay 59 days maximum. Created in 2011, ThaiVisa News provides immigration information, immigration news, and travel guide and updates for people wishing to visit Thailand. The comprehensive information of this website means that all answers to your immigration questions are at your fingertips. I wasn’t aware that the London embassy was offering the O-A multi-entry visa.

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Whether a U.S. traveler does or doesn’t need a Thailand tourist visa depends on the duration of their visit. Our company condones illegal process of visa and work permit, we always stay true and comply with our values of being honest and truthful. We know how tedious a Visa application process for Thailand Visa so we always make law firm sure we provide the best service for our clients especially those who want to stay longer and stay legally in Thailand. If you arrived on Thailand through an international airport, you will be stamped a 30 or 60-day permission of stay depending whether your country made a bilateral agreement on visa exemption with Thailand.

Thailand passport

Bank statement must show at least $700 person and $1500 per family. Copy of airline tickets (e-tickets or itinerary showing confirmed flights) – tickets should show multiple entries if a 6 month multiple entry visa is being applied for. You should inquire with the local consular office where you intend to apply to confirm required documents, as well as the amount and currency of payment. The O-A visa is valid for one year, so you will need to ensure that your passport is valid for at least 18 months at the time of application. As long as you over 50 years of age, have sufficient funds in the bank and/or proof of a retirement income you can apply for a retirement visa. Indian citizens are eligible to get a Thailand Visa on Arrival valid for 15 days if they enter through one of the designated entry points.


Applicants will be required to provide their biometrics each and every time they apply for a visa. If you lodged online, you should submit additional documentation online via your ImmiAccount. To attach documents to your visa application, please login to your ImmiAccount, find the application details page and click on the Attach Document button on the right hand side of the screen. Taiwanese passport holders residing in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar can apply for an ETA by completing the Electronic Travel Authority Request for further processing form and submitting to the Bangkok office.

So I strongly suggest you get a Double Entry Visa for Thailand in your home country before you arrive, because they’re a pain in the ass for newbies. If you are a digital nomad, you will now be able to apply for this smart visa very soon. The visa will allow you up to 4 years to stay in the country without a work permit. Thailand’s Board of Investment is proposing changes to visa requirements. The Center of COVID-19 Situation Administration of Thailand has already approved the rules, and the next step is cabinet approval. Please bear in mind that no company can assure the success of a visa application.

Health Requirements From The U S To Thailand

You should be able to get your permit to enter the country and apply for your work permit within 1-3 days granted you have an employer. Having an employer to help expedite the process definitely helps. Travel Document Systems, Inc. is a leading visa and passport processing agency. For over 30 years we have served travel professionals, tour operators, and cruise lines, as well as corporate and individual international travelers.

Thailand passport

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