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Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program

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Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program


Vanuatu Citizenship And Passports

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship By Investment

If you would like to be assisted in your local language, please contact our partners CIFA and ask about the Bulgarian citizenship by investment program following their contact details. Our law firm specialises in assisting EU and non-EU nationals to obtain Bulgarian citizenship by investment. The foreign investor can invest in a certified government project , government bonds or shares of Bulgarian companies traded on theBulgarian Stock Exchange. The Citizenship by Investment Board will consider an application for citizenship and the outcome may either be to grant, deny or delay for cause, an application for citizenship by investment. Applicants may purchase property valued at a minimum of US$300,000 in a preapproved real estate development area. The property must be owned and maintained for a minimum of five years.

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The Commonwealth of Dominica is an island country located in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea. Discovered by the Spanish, primarily colonized by the French, and then controlled by the British for more than two centuries, English is the official language of the country and the nation’s legal system is based upon British common law. The tiny country of just 70,000 people became an independent nation in 1978 and remains very close with the United Kingdom today. Roseau, the capital city, accounts for roughly 20,000 of the country’s population and is the financial center of the country.

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Holders of the Grenada passport enjoy visa free travel to approximately 143 countries (pre-covid19), including the U.K., and the countries of the Schengen area, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and most of South America. Grenada further enjoys an E2 investor treaty with the United States allowing for application of E2 visas for qualified citizens. Our client, an Indian citizen, wished to access the US E-2 Treaty Investor Visa so he could expand his food logistics business in America.

HongKong citizenship by investment

Option to apply for British citizenship after spending 6 years in the country. An investment of £2 million in either the UK government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK-registered companies that are not engaged in property investment. The best programs for Investment are either property investment or a Business.

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That could have negative consequences for foreigners who participated in the program. 12a of the Bulgarian Citizenship Act, the spouse of the Investor does not need to reside in Bulgaria or be fluent in Bulgarian language. Eligibility requires the spouse to maintain the permanent residence status for five years before she/ he can apply for Bulgarian citizenship.

So, people need to look at that on a holistic perspective as to whether this country, this country, or this country, this program of citizenship will fit me the best. So, but one question I always get, which we can touch on briefly is if I wanted to move to the Caribbean, which one do I get? So, the benefit you get is they’re all part of the organization of Eastern Caribbean states, meaning that there’s a pre movement of people agreement between these countries. So, once you’ve become a citizen of one country, you automatically have free movement through these other countries and are able to spend time to live, to get to appreciate and enjoy each environment after you’ve become a citizen.

The investment must be held for a minimum of five years and three visits to Portugal totaling 35 days must be made, after which citizenship may be applied for. Having a Portugal residence visa allows for the right to live, work and study in Portugal and for visa free access to all Schengen countries. For those that apply after January 1, 2022, the investment minimum will be raised to 500,000 Euro. Currently, the program allows for an investment of 350,000 Euro into either real estate or a government-endorsed investment fund. The investment must be held for a minimum of five years and three visits to Portugal totalling 35 days must be made, after which citizenship may be applied for.

The impending transfer triggered a wave of mass emigration as residents feared an erosion of civil rights, the rule of law, and quality of life. Over half a million people left the territory during the peak migration period, from 1987 to 1996. The Legislative Council became a fully elected legislature for the first time in 1995 and extensively expanded its functions and organisations throughout the last years of the colonial rule.

This can be slightly more expensive than making a real estate investment. Also, one must be very careful in choosing their investment as a business is characterised by ups and downs. Those wanting to be a citizen of a country can make a hefty real estate investment in that country. The investment is usually in government-approved real estate developmental projects.

HongKong citizenship by investment

Check out the family pricing structure on our Vanuatu Passport Cost page. In fact, the current Vanuatu Contribution Program , is at least the seventh iteration of the country’s passport by investment program. After initial efforts to launch a Citizenship By Investment Program failed staying permit turkey in the late 1990s, additional versions of the program were launched to boost the country’s revenue. Citizenship Act serves as the legal basis upon which the program is offered to foreign applicants. The privileges for investment Citizenship were set out in Order No. 216 of 2016.

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Additionally, we have extensive experience on resident permit and immigration & citizenship services for foreign citizens. Prepare citizenship application documents for Client, his wife and children. Prepare residency application documents for Client, his wife and children.

HongKong citizenship by investment

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