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What You Need For The Application


What You Need For The Application


How To Renew A Hong Kong Passport

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Any person in violation of his/her quarantine requirement may be committing a criminal offense. For more information about traveling to the U.S., such as quarantine or social distancing requirements, please consult the airport and government websites of the locale you will be visiting. If you have any questions, please direct them to the authorities of that locality for the most reliable information. Instead cut it into several pieces and inform the bank about the same. Request for the card to be blocked and a replacement card be provided to you. Report the loss of your card via HSBC phone banking facility or through the Visa Global Emergency Assistance Helplines immediately.

21.5.03CM denoting Council MotionThe Registration of Persons Order and Registration of Persons Order 2003 were tabled in Council on 21 May 2003. A subcommittee was formed on 23 May 2003 to examine the two subsidiary legislations. The orders were issued to direct certain categories of persons to apply for new ID cards within a specified period at smart ID card centres and to repeal orders issued for the last territory-wide replacement exercise. When Britain handed Hong Kong back to China in 1998, the new government kept on the colonial identity cards that all Hong Kong residents carried by law.

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New customers of PCCW purchasing Sony handsets with Near Field Communication will be able to use the Octopus Mobile Payment Service by simply holding the phone over an Octopus reader to make purchases. Only 5,000 handsets are available during the pilot and functions of the standard Adult Octopus Card will be available but concessions such as those provided by the Child or Elder Octopus are not be available. Full market launch will take place when satisfactory has been achieved. We are not authorised or licensed in any other jurisdiction for the provision of the products and/or services available through this App, nor do we represent or warrant that contents on this App are appropriate or available for use outside Hong Kong. Please ensure you comply with local laws and regulations applicable to you before using this App or our services.

Photographs are not required on HKIDs for children under the age of 11 and cannot be used as travel documents. Alternatively, children may use their HKSAR passport or their British National passport as a travel document to enter and exit Hong Kong. On 27 December 2018, the Immigration Department started the replacement procedure for all existing smart identity cards under the Territory-wide Identity Card Replacement Exercise. The introduction of smart identity cards was motivated partly to speed up processing at Hong Kong’s Immigration checkpoints, especially with Shenzhen, China. In the latter checkpoint, an estimated 7,200 Hong Kong residents commuted daily to Shenzhen for work and 2,200 students from Shenzhen commuted to school in Hong Kong in 2002.

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It is backed by Bank of China , Jingdon Digits Technology and Jardine Matheson Group. Priding itself on a secure, people-first approach, the bank offers a rewarding digital banking experience that caters to everyday requirements. A range of transfer options are available, including FPS real-time HKD, small value transfers, scheduled transfers, quick-save facilities from other accounts and FPS registration via mobile phone. Present or former residents of Hong Kong can apply for a CRP at any of the five Registration of Persons Offices. Former residents can apply by mail or through a representative, but the request must be signed by the individual and notarized.

HongKong id card

You can usually choose between a local plan and international private health insurance. Local health insurance will cover only expenses incurred in Hong Kong, and premiums are based on local medical costs. Both public and private healthcare are of high quality in Hong Kong. However, many expats still choose private health insurance whether they opt for it themselves or it is provided by their employer.

Those who have applied to use their smart ID cards for library services may borrow materials at counters and self-charging terminals. When borrowing materials at library counters, you will be requested to insert your smart ID card into a smart card reader. At some public libraries, you may also borrow and renew library materials using your smart ID card at self-charging terminals. The terminal will display user-friendly screens to guide you step-by-step through the borrowing and renewal processes. To facilitate the registration process only, the personal data will be read from the smart ID card once, then transferred to the library computer system.

HongKong id card

The order in which names appear has no significance, and the listings or links may be removed at any time at the discretion of the Department. The Registration of Persons Office of the Hong Kong Immigration Department issues this serialized document on tamper-resistant paper and reflects a photo of the applicant and an embossed seal. Available – The Marriage Amendment Ordinance, which took effect in March 2006, expanded the definition of individuals legally allowed to conduct marriages in Hong Kong. Under the Marriage Amendment Ordinance, marriages may now be conducted by a Registrar, a minister, or any person appointed as a civil celebrant of marriages. The marriage must take place at a marriage registry before a Registrar, in a licensed place of public worship before a minister, or elsewhere in Hong Kong before a civil celebrant of marriage.

In July-August 2017, Colorado and Maryland ​initiated digital driver’s license live pilots. Several US states have launched pilots​​ to explore the user convenience, privacy, security, and interoperability of mobile driver licenses. Contrary to the vision of novelist George Orwell in “1984”, national eID schemes have shown that managing citizen IDs can protect civil liberties, identity, and social interactions in a state law firm turkey of law. In the border control environment, combined with facial recognition and biometric authentication systems, they boost security and improve passenger throughput, giving authorities the confidence that the person standing in front of them is who he or she claims to be. According to research company Acuity Market Intelligence, electronic National ID cards in circulation will reach 3.6 billion citizens by 2021.

The final level of grievance redressal is writing to the Principal Nodal Officer of the bank if none of the nodal officers can provide you with a satisfactory solution or are not reachable. All first level grievance redressal procedures take up to 10 days for the bank to get back with a suitable reply to your complaint. If you do not get a reply within 10 days or if you are not satisfied with the answers given to you, you can communicate the complaint or query through the second level of escalation. The traveler should therefore return to Hong Kong with the test result on or before 22 September 2021. If he/she is entering Hong Kong on or after 23 September 2021 by presenting that testing result, he/she will still be subject to compulsory quarantine upon arrival as the test result has expired.

New Id Replacement Timetable Set

If the registrant fails to collect the cheque within 6 months from its date, a new cheque (“re-issued cheque”) will be issued automatically and be available for collection at the same post office. However, for those who have a local Hong Kong dollar savings or current bank account in their sole name with any of the 21 participating retail banks, it will be more convenient for them to register and receive payment through banks. Payment will be effected faster for electronic registration, as compared with submission of registration forms. This will also save the registrants the effort to collect cheques from post offices and encash them at the Bank of China in person.

  • This means that you will have to load the Hongkong Post Root CA certificate into your browser yourself.
  • Cardholders can use the HKD e-purse in Hong Kong and the RMB e-purse in Guangdong Province.
  • You should apply for such an extension only after you have completed all coursework and examinations.
  • Those who are away from Hong Kong during the specified period should apply within 30 days of their return to Hong Kong.

With Apple Pay, you can make easier, faster and safer contactless payment with your CCB Visa and Mastercard Credit Card than ever! Under the Electronic Transactions Ordinance, patrons may make electronic submission to the Government. Apart from downloading the conventional forms and submitting them turkish citizenship in paper form, you may choose to download the PDF e-Form which facilitates you to fill-in and submit the forms and documentary proof via GovHK electronically. Any person in violation of his/her quarantine requirement may be subject to mandatory isolation and may be committing a criminal offense.

Questions About Hong Kongs New Smart Identity Card Answered

However, within 10 seconds readers at the border can scan a traveller’s thumb prints, compare them with the images stored on the ID card and open the gates to the promised islands. Hong Kong residents’ identity cards will begin being replaced from the fourth quarter of 2018, with full replacement expected by 2022. The government is setting up nine card replacement centres to support the process.

The e-commerce bandwagon is here to stay as more companies are expected to jump on it. Thus, demand for such cards is to shoot up going forward, given the convenience associated with the same. The period of time required to completely process an application may vary between economies. Valid passports remain a primary traveller identification document and ABTC holders will be required to present their passport and ABTC on arrival and departure in participating economies.

Planning for your trip has never been easier with our international connectivity package. The Club is not the service provider of Now TV-related services, and will not make any representations or warranties as to the quality of the services nor will The Club accept any liability in relation to Now TV-related services. Form 1 – Application for registration of branch business carried on in Hong Kong.

HongKong id card

Please note that copies of the documents submitted must be complete, legible and without any masked information. Standard Chartered Bank Limited (the “Bank”) may request additional documents from you for approval process. The service fee for all personal Integrated Banking accounts has been cancelled from 1st August, 2019. You may login to Internet Banking / Mobile Banking to update your personal information.

HongKong id card

A is the check digit which has 11 possible values from 0 to 9 and A. There are 26 million possible card numbers using only the one-letter prefix, and 676 million using a two-letter prefix. It is also noted that the check digit in brackets is not part of the identity card number, but appended solely to facilitate computer data processing.

However, I read that you can still be a Chinese national even if you never applied to have a HK/China passport. Online Shop and almost, all kinds of online account verification. Persons who have missed the call up period for their age group due to previous absence from Hong Kong or other special reasons may also make appointment. New smart Hong Kong Identity Cards issued under the Replacement Exercise are free of charge. The chip is designed with segregated compartments to separate immigration applications from other value-added non-immigration functions. Only authorised departments have access to the relevant database, and there is no sharing of databases among government departments.

Many online services shy away from Optical Character Recognition of Chinese language because of its complexity in extracting characters. Address Verification service to protect your business from false deliveries and invalid customer locations. Shufti Pro verifies credit/debit cards to help you digitize your business, reduce manual labor, prevent resident permit turkey fraud and charge-back, increase conversions, and reduce drop-offs. We check the originality of driving licenses issued by the Transport Department and verify licenses of all 18 districts. The “Octopus ‧Lingnan Pass” will run on a dual electronic purse model, being the Octopus Hong Kong Dollars e-purse and the other Lingnan Pass Renminbi e-purse.

HongKong id card

When borrowing or renewing (at self-charging terminals only) just the ID card number and date of issue will be read then checked against the records in the library computer system. No other personal data will be read from the smart ID card and no library records will be stored in the chip of the card. Citizens born between 1985 and 1986 will have to change to the new smart identity cards from January 21 next year. The Immigration Department said some residents will start getting the new ID cards from December 27. Octopus Cards cannot be shared by more than one person travelling together on public transport.

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