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Hong Kong National Security Law Puts Taiwan On Edge

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Hong Kong National Security Law Puts Taiwan On Edge


Hong Kong Authorities Arrest Lawyer, 10 Others Under National Security Law

Hong Kong Announced Pilot Technology Talent Admission Scheme

China’s top agency for Hong Kong dismissed the advisory as “pure nonsense,” arguing that recent moves had made the city more stable. The government is seeking to crack down on the posting of personal details about police officers and other public officials, a tactic used by democracy activists two years ago during widespread unrest in the former British colony. In October 2019, a Hong Kong court granted the government’s request for an order banning the publication of officers’ personal information. China has revealed its controversial plans for Hong Kong, including a special bureau to investigate crimes considered a threat to national security and judges appointed by the pro-Beijing government.

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The NSL carves out a separate track through which political cases will be heard, one in which cases are handled by special police officers, handpicked prosecutors and judges, and even a special unit in the correctional services. Suspects are deprived of important procedural protections normally available under Hong Kong’s legal system. China introduced a sweeping national security law in June last year to crack down on what it deems subversion, secessionism, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces, following months of sometimes violent pro-democracy protests in 2019. Over the past year, People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong officials have systematically undermined Hong Kong’s democraticinstitutions, delayed elections, disqualified elected lawmakers from office, and forced officials to take loyalty oaths to keep their jobs. Since protests began in 2019, local authorities have arrested thousands for speaking out against government policies with which they disagreed, including for their social media posts and for attending vigils. Journalists have been arrested simply for doing their jobs in reporting on the government’s activities and repressive efforts against protesters.

Article 1

Under the Basic Law, Hong Kongers are guaranteed freedoms of the press, expression, assembly, and religion, as well as protections under international law. The Taliban have returned to power in Afghanistan twenty years after their ouster by U.S. troops, sparking concerns that they will impose harsh rule, neglect to provide basic services, and abuse human rights. Work with like-minded governments in international forums to promote and defend the human rights of Hong Kong’s people. No police officers alleged to have used excessive force during the 2019 protests have been held accountable. The Hong Kong government has also obstructed efforts to hold them accountable by arbitrarily arresting people for uncovering or reporting police abuses. Hong Kong police put out an arrest warrant for a woman after she reported that she had been raped by the police during the 2019 protests.

We’ve helped serve all legal needs for global life sciences companies with IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, licensing, royalty monetization, strategic guidance and regulatory framework. Our recent Asia experience includes advising on the Hong Kong IPOs of AOBiome and Ascentage, and BeiGene’s U.S. IPO, as well as leading Asia-based private equity funds on their investments in the life sciences sector. US State Secretary Mike Pompeo called the law “draconian” on his Twitter on Tuesday. But Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam said on the same day that the new law will restore stability and the new implementation rules were drafted to protect and respect human rights. She also rejected claims of how the new law has caused widespread fear among citizens.

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However, these proceedings are highly time-sensitive, and email scam victims should pay close attention to the following legal issues in deciding the appropriate course of action. In addition to our Hong Kong-qualified partnership, our multicultural team is drawn from a range of jurisdictions and backgrounds, including England and Wales, the US, Mainland China, Australia and Southeast Asia. Our lawyers work closely with their Mainland China colleagues and clients, streamlining advice on China-linked listings, disputes and investments in and through Hong Kong, and on Mainland-related investments, disputes and business projects.

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With experienced lawyers in both Hong Kong and Shanghai offices, OLN is well placed not only to plan but also to execute and implement clients’ business strategies in Mainland China. Our clients range from law firm istanbul publicly listed companies, developers, banks, private companies and individuals, to Government bodies. HKFP is answerable only to readers, not shareholders, media tycoons or corporate umbrella groups.

More Hong Kong Civil Society Groups Disband Under Pressure Of National Security Law

This marks yet another step of national border disputes erecting new virtual walls between territories. The Internet’s pioneers, who had envisioned a global community online, say these government decisions lead to the creation of a “splinternet”. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Telegram, Zoom, and Microsoft have suspended all requests for data from Hong Kong, pending their own review of the new legislation. Announced by China In May, it was put into effect on July 1, without the involvement of local institutions.

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Under Articles 37 and 38, the law applies to offenses by individuals and corporations, residents and nonresidents, within and outside the region. The Basic Law stipulates that mainland Chinese government departments cannot interfere in Hong Kong, nor do mainland laws apply in the city, except under limited circumstances. One article requires Hong Kong to enact national security laws “on its own.” Maintaining public order was likewise to be a local responsibility. The new law criminalises separatism, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign or external forces.

Scores of opposition figured have been jailed or fled overseas and authorities have also embarked on a mission to rewrite history and make the city more “patriotic”. “Our legal advice is not intended as commentary on current or historical events,” a spokesperson told AFP. Mayer Brown said the university was a longstanding client who was being helped to “understand and comply with current law.”

  • Practising lawyers and professionals who need to acquire knowledge on the topic will also find this book useful and accessible.
  • If the court were to order remedial interpretation, it would presuppose it had constitutional jurisdiction to review the NSL.
  • The new law reiterates the Basic Law’s requirement that Hong Kong “respect and protect human rights,” but it provides no reliable mechanism for doing so.
  • On the first day of its implementation, which also fell on the anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong from the U.K.
  • As a result, for example, when an employer collects personal data from a job applicant or employee, the employer should state the purpose of collection, the classes of persons to whom the data may be transferred and whether it is obligatory or voluntary for the individual to supply the data .

Rather, it was a response on the part of the CPG to what it considered to be a rapidly deteriorating political situation in Hong Kong, and it did no more than setting the necessary bottom line that the CPG considered tolerable. In 2015, the electoral reform proposed by the HKSAR government on the basis of the “August 31 Decision” was rejected by the Legislative Council as the reform failed to secure the requisite two-thirds majority. Two of them, after being elected into the Council, used the occasion of the taking of their oaths of office to promote “Hong Kong independence”. In order to clarify the oath-taking requirement, the SCNPC promulgated an interpretation of Article 104 of the Basic Law on the taking of the oath of office, which requires legislators to support the Basic Law and pledge allegiance to the HKSAR of the People’s Republic of China. The failure of some “localist” legislators to take their oath properly led to their being disqualified in accordance with relevant judicial decisions. In fact, I believe that in the “post-National Security Law era”, this book is more meaningful, valuable and enlightening to us than it was at the time of its writing.

On Friday, leaders of a pro-democracy group in Hong Kong who organized the annual Tiananmen remembrance vigil pleaded not guilty to charges of subversion brought under the national security law. A pro-democracy protester in Hong Kong was sentenced today to nine years in prison, the first prosecution under the Beijing-imposed national security law enacted just over a year ago. Dominic’s practice focuses on advising clients on matters relating to anti-corruption, white-collar crime, law enforcement, regulatory and compliance matters in Hong Kong, including advice on anti-money Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD laundering. The introduction of the national security legislation has sparked fresh unrest in Hong Kong, albeit on a reduced scale. Despite a police ban on the annual July 1 march, the anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China, some activists are planning to demonstrate anyway. Fifty-three countries—most of which are participating in China’s Belt and Road infrastructure project—signed a statement read before the UN Human Rights Council in July 2020 supporting Beijing’s national security law, while only twenty-seven countries signed an opposing statement criticizing it.

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