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Thailand Family Law


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Reema is a member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and writes regularly for national and international publications on issues of human rights, the rule of law and social justice. We provide legal services to Thai nationals and foreigners in need representation for private, business, and/or investment matters. With our experience and contacts, we can help meet all of your needs from wherever you are in Isaan, and no matter where you come from. Our team at Isaan Lawyers is comprised of foreign and Thai lawyers who are all able to serve you in English. We always work as a team, with each member adding their experience and knowledge to our Law firm. If you are going to look at payingalimony in Thailandor maintenance then you should speak to a lawyer at a Thailand law firm first for guidance.

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We understand the emotional problems that accompany a divorce case, or complications around children adoption; or for those matter difficulties that any other Family Law related matter can involve. We, the undersigned workers’ rights and human rights organizations, are writing to express our concerns regarding Thailand’s Draft Act on the Operations of Not-for-Profit Organizations, which the Thai Cabinet approved in principle in February 2021. State Department, and in particular the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons , to strongly advocate for the Thai government to withdraw this bill. Our experienced Thai lawyers can assist your divorce, child custody , child abduction , surrogacy, marital assets etc. in Thailand and provide you with the best solutions.

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Fortunately, Thai wives like foreigners and westerners in particular. Gain solid strategy and understanding from a Spruson & Ferguson patent attorney in Thailand who understands both the field and patent drafting, registration and portfolio management. Our work involves a full suite of services, from advice on patentability of inventions, filing and prosecution of patent applications, infringement searches and renewals to watching and monitoring services. Any email or letter of instruction as to how that country requires the document completed. The key question is what will work in the country concerned, and each country can be different!

  • Space objects must be registered with the NSAO before they are launched into the space.
  • Furthermore, many migrant worker organizations in Thailand are unregistered, and would face serious, and likely insurmountable, challenges in registering and complying with the onerous reporting program and financial reporting requirements set out in the draft law.
  • The legal system requires you to list a reason out of the legal code that is a reason for your divorce.
  • This is becoming very common in Thailand when it comes to expats and other foreigners.
  • Citizens who want to visit, work, stay longer, setup business, buy Thai property, and to seek legal advice in Thailand.
  • Khun Sukum speaks, reads, and writes Thai fluently, having originally left Thailand to attend college in the US.

Tilleke & Gibbins achieved rankings in 42 out of 45 possible industries and practice areas across Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, plus a further three for the firm’s intellectual property boutique in Indonesia. Among these, Asialaw placed Tilleke & Gibbins in the highest possible tier Turkish work permit in 20 categories. In Thailand, Tilleke & Gibbins continues to be the only firm ranked in all 18 possible categories. This includes improved rankings for Real Estate, Infrastructure, Aviation, and Labor and Employment—the last two of which feature Tilleke & Gibbins as the sole firm in the top tier.

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The owners of the joint venture would then be required to complete a tax return and pay administrative fees and tax each year. However, as mentioned earlier in this document, using nominee shareholders and creating joint ventures for the sole purpose of owning propertyis illegal and highly punishable under Thai law. Even so, since the income of a limited company is normally disbursed through expenses, such as salaries and rent, there is no equity for them to claim in the rare event that a coup was to take place. The Branch Office’s liabilities arising from the action of the business in Thailand will not be limited within Thailand but extends to the head office overseas. Structure is what separates regional offices and their branch counterparts. The regional office will conduct its business in Thailand on behalf of its head office based outside of the Thai kingdom.

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In this connection, if the employee refuses to move and work in the new location, the employee has the right to terminate the employment contract and is entitled to receive a special severance pay of not less that 50% of the prescribed rates of severance pay. This Act states that any business which employs at least ten employees and which does not yet have a registered provident fund or pension or retirement fund, must join the compulsory provident fund which will be set up by the Ministry of Labor. This fund will provide benefits to employees on their retirement at the end of employment, upon death during employment, or in other cases to be set out in regulations.

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Assists in the disposal of property obtained by the secret society or criminal association through any offence, shall be punished likewise as a member of a secret society or criminal association, as the case may be. Thailand courts send parents and children to the Observation and Protection Center for an evaluation of the child’s family situation by a professional social worker. The social worker conducts interviews and prepares a report for the Thailand Court. Usually the Thai court follows carefully the recommendation of the OPC. Nevertheless, the Court can also make an independent judgment that differs from the recommendation of the OPC.

If you are looking to do business in Asia, you need to consider getting investment promotion from the BOI. Limited Partnerships in Thailand have many advantages over other types of partnerships. Not least among these advantages is the fact that Thai limited partnerships have limited liability to certain partners which can be of great advantage. For more details about Thai limited partnerships please see our page dedicated to Thai limited liability partnerships. Reporting to the head office on business conditions generally in Thailand. Our lawyer submits the letter previously issued by The US Embassy to The Ministry of Commerce in order to request a business certificate under The Treaty.

Russell Crowe Plays The Avid Tourist In Bangkok

“Now Thailand seems to want to follow suit, adding itself to an unwelcome list of rights-abusing governments trying to control or severely limit NGO funding.” The authorities should withdraw this deeply flawed draft and go Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD back to the drawing board,” said Brad Adams, Director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia Division. “This draft law poses an existential threat to both established human rights organizations and grassroots community groups alike.

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Banking and finance are two undertakings prohibited to sole proprietorships because there is a specific stating that only Thai limited companies may undertake this type of business activities. There are some tax advantages to Thai sole proprietorship because the proprietor can choose to either be taxed as a natural person based upon the gross receipts of the business. The Thai sole proprietorship is generally restricted to foreign nationals living in Thailand. However, a major exception to this restriction exists in the US-Thai Treaty of Amity making it possible for a US Citizen to own a sole proprietorship so long as it is certified under the Treaty of Amity. One important matter that many foreign purchasers of property in Thailand overlook is the performing of a title search. This seems like common sense, but many foreigners make mistakes by not doing this.

Am I Able To Open A Thai Bank Account?

The NCPO has also restricted civil and political rights and suppressed political opponents. King PHUMIPHON Adunyadet passed away in October 2016 after 70 years on the throne; his only son, WACHIRALONGKON Bodinthrathepphayawarangkun , ascended the throne in December 2016. A long-delayed March 2019 election, disputed and widely viewed as skewed in favor of the party aligned with the military, allowed PRAYUT to continue his premiership. The country experienced large-scale pro-democracy protests in 2020. Coordinates the implementation of child labor policies, facilitates cooperation among relevant ministries, and reports annually to the Thai Cabinet on child labor issues.

This has led to a unique situation in reality, where many foreign lawyers work in Thailand but under the guise of “business consultants”. Proposals have been made reform, but it remains to be seen if the Thai government will relax requirements for foreign lawyers. In June 2011, the committee released a report that assessed the conditions under which the government could send back Burmese refugees in accordance with the requirements of international law and existing treaties and agreements.

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American companies receive national treatment, meaning U.S. firms may engage in business on the same basis as Thai companies, and are exempt from most of the restrictions on foreign investment imposed by the Alien Business Law of 1972. Moreover, if the terminated employee has worked consecutively for over six years, the employee would be entitled to an additional special severance pay at the rate of 15 days’ wages per one full year of service, calculated from the start of year seven onwards. However, the total amount of this additional special severance pay is limited to the equivalent of 360 days’ wages. The applicant needs to apply for the Non-Immigrant B visa at the local Thai embassy/ Consulate normally 90 days visa will be granted.

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