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Immigration Information

Eligibility Requirements For Settlement On The Hong Kong Bno Route

In addition, foreign individuals who stay at least 183 days in Taiwan are also considered tax-residents, regardless of their permanent domicile. After 5 years of consecutive legal residency, you can also apply for naturalization. “For those who choose to live, work and study exclusively in regional Australia, the pathway to apply for permanent residency would be available after three years,” he said. The Australian government previously stated that only Hong Kong passport holders could enjoy the benefits of visa extensions. Currently there are 350,000 BNO passport holders, but about three million Hong Kong residents are eligible for BNO passports – and that doesn’t appear to include dependants born after 1997. Hong Kong’s new national security law, which targets secession, subversion and terrorism with punishments up to life in prison, came into effect on Tuesday.

  • However, it is the Guangdong Province PSB that processes the applications.
  • Hong Kong or Macao residents applying to enter Taiwan for stay or residence whose information is inconsistent or lacking shall provide the missing information within three months from the day of written notice issued by NIA.
  • You can get change at the front window if needed, but I suggest bringing change.
  • “No country would turn a blind eye to acts of betrayal of the country by public officials,” Wang Wenbin, foreign ministry spokesperson, said at a regular news briefing in Beijing on Thursday.
  • Those who are issued Temporary Entry Permits may enter and exit the country one time during the validity period.

Holders of the Home Return Permit are able to freely enter Mainland China for tourism or business purposes within the validity of their travel document, regardless of the point of origin. However, they must register with the local police within 24 hours — or within 72 hours in the countryside — if they are staying overnight for a short trip in a friend or relative’s home. Most adult permits are valid for 10 years; minors under 18 years old are issued permits valid for five years. Temporary permits are given for practical reasons, such as when a person’s permit has expired and the replacement has not arrived. For instance, controversial individuals such as pro-democracy politicians — often from Hong Kong — are only issued single visit permits.

Tax Advice Essential For Anyone From Hong Kong Moving To The Uk Or Buying Uk Property

The Taiwan Area Resident Certificate or the Residency Entry & Exit Permit in the Taiwan Area is an identification document for the period of residence in Taiwan. The validity is from eighteen months to three years and shall be calculated from the following day of the date of entry. Hong Kong or Macao residents who are permitted to enter the country, overstaying less than 30 days and having the limitation of the quota for his or her application will be extended one year each time for the issue resident permit turkey date of approval in accordance with the regulations. However, those who have not extended their residency under one of the circumstances of each Subparagraph of Paragraph 1 of Article 12. Hong Kong or Macao residents who are required to enter Taiwan due to special accidents as supported by certified documents shall prepare the documents mentioned in Article 7 and apply to organizations mentioned in Article 8. The Entry Certificate will be issued upon inspection by the receiving units.

The 14-day visa free entry may be extended by an additional seven days for a maximum of twenty-one day stay. For those married to or children of Filipino nationals, please present a copy of marriage certificate /birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistic Authority as well as a copy of the Philippine passport of spouse or parent. Holders of valid and existing 9 visas, excluding those covered under Item No. 5, provided that they present an entry exemption document to the Bureau of Immigration upon arrival.

How To Move From Temporary Worker To Permanent Resident

In addition to our visa services our agency offers a full range of legal and accounting services to our clients. We are able to assist better in document collection services in the United States because of James legal experience in the United States. This is where you can benefit from the services of an experienced visa agency such as Visas by James. A visa agency such ours is your best bet when it comes to obtaining visa for you.

Travelers fully vaccinated with an EMA-approved vaccine are exempt from the ban on non-essential travel and from testing and quarantine requirements. All travelers must have proof of a negative PCR test result for COVID-19 issued no more than 72 hours prior to departure. Unvaccinated travelers arriving from certain countries or regions must undergo a 7-day quarantine upon arrival. Travelers fully vaccinated with an EMA-approved vaccine are exempt from the ban on non-essential travel and from quarantine requirements.

This information is provided as a general guide and is based upon information provided to the embassy by the relevant local authorities and may be subject to change at any time with little or no notice. The FCDO and the British Consulate-General Hong Kong will not be liable for any inaccuracies in this information. British nationals wishing to obtain any further information must contact the relevant local authority. The Department for Work and Pensions has changed their policy on who can now sign these ‘Life Certificates’. This now reflects the list of people who can countersign a passport photograph. Please read the DWP’s guide State Pension if you retire abroad for more information.

HongKong resident permit

Nationals or permanent residents of Australia ordinarily resident in New Zealand. Passenger can travel to Australia if he or she an Australian citizen, or an Australian permanent resident. • Upon arrival in the United States, public health officials may randomly check the COVID-19 test results or the documentation of COVID-19 recovery that you were required to show when you boarded this flight. If your COVID-19 test result or your documentation of recovery is electronic and on a mobile device, preload this information for inspection. Internet access may not be available at the airport when we land, so you may need to have a screen capture (or a screen shot/picture of the documentation) on your mobile device to show your test result or documentation of recovery.

Our innovative legal practice combines professional knowledge, personal attention, and supportive advice to help you meet your cross-border business goals. Foreign Office permanent secretary Sir Simon McDonald expressed the government’s “deep concern” about the new law to China during a meeting with the country’s ambassador Liu Xioming. About 350,000 UK passport holders, and 2.6 million others eligible, will be able to come to the UK for five years. Student visa holders will have to successfully complete their studies in order to apply for the extended 485 visas.

HongKong resident permit

The public security authorities of some provinces and municipalities publish the names of OWP applicants under certain categories whose approval procedures are completed, and allow applicants to check the status of their applications online. Mainland residents who meet the eligibility criteria laid down by the Mainland authorities may apply to come to settle in Hong Kong. Those criteria are related to the age of the applicants or period of separation. They are objective and transparent, and connected with the purpose of family reunion.

Canada’s Intra-Company Transfer program allows key staff members of a foreign business to travel to Canada on a temporary basis to open a new office and start their business. An executive or managerial employee or an employee with specialized knowledge can receive a temporary work permit to get the office up and running if the business meets all the applicable requirements. Alternatively, you may apply for Permanent Residency if you have invested NTD15,000,000 in a business and created 5 full-time jobs for ROC nationals over 3 years, or have invested NTD30,000,000 in ROC government bonds for over 3 years. Under this scheme, you will not be required to be physically present in Taiwan during your residency. You must invest $200,000 in Taiwan in an active business, investment fund or any investment that is deemed to contribute to the country’s economy.

For more information, please seethis infographicfrom the Macau government. Hong Kongers use their own Hong Kong passport or ID card to leave the city. To enter mainland China, they need to use their Home Return Permit, issued by Chinese immigration, unless they use a full foreign passport and apply for a visa to enter as a foreigner. Instead, Mainland China and its residents are Chinese citizens with a “right of domicile” in Hong Kong.

If the airlines want to transport Vietnamese citizens back to their country, they must get the opinion of the Vietnamese diplomatic unit in the host country. For more entry information and relevant documents, please refer to the official announcement. Transit passengers are only allowed to take the onward flights in the same terminal within 48 hours. All inbound passengers whoever have the domestic connecting (Sabah/Sarawak) are required to undergo antigen rapid test negative within 5 hours prior to flight departure, otherwise they will not be accepted to board the aircraft. 5.Other entry restrictions and quarantine measeures, please refer to the attachment. • Thai nationals must present documents from the Thai Embassy when returning to Thailand.

HongKong resident permit

In 2018, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau introduced a new type of residence permit called Startup Visa that is also known as the entrepreneur visa. Holders of Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents entering Hong Kong as visitors do not need an entry permit as long as the entry is in conformity with general entry regulations and their stay is not to exceed 30 days. Holders of Visit Permit for Residents of Macao SAR to Hong Kong SAR and proof of permanent resident status in Macao. I and my girlfriend are planning to visit Hong Kong from Malaysia , and will also be returning to Malaysia. I have been surprised at all of the restrictions placed on mainland Chinese citizens; it seems that there is a lot of bureaucracy required before a mainland Chinese citizen can enter Hong Kong. If the applicant does not hold a Macao SAR Resident Identity Card and needs to state his/her parents’ name on the certificate, he/she should submit a photocopy of the relevant supporting documents, such as birth certificate.

A Dependent Visa is required for each family member and each member must file their own application separately. Hong Kong turkish citizenship by investment visa for citizens of United Arab Emirates is required. For more information please contact the nearest Hong Kong embassy.

HongKong resident permit

For example, if the applicant started their post-graduate studies in fall 2019, then their post-secondary degree or diploma must have been obtained between fall 2014 and summer 2019. Clients applying from outside Canada are directed to pay their processing fees online outside of the application and upload the receipt in the Proof of Fee Exemption slot. “West Africa a shortcut for rich mainland Chinese to Hong Kong residency.” South China Morning Post. Other types of visas include the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme visa , the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme visa, and the investment visa.

This type of visa application is comparatively more difficult to process, and requires an explanation as to why an individual did not apply for a work visa before he/she came. Thus, if at all possible, it is advisable to submit the work visa application prior to entering. When you head back from Macau, on your arrival in Hong Kong ferry terminal, you will go through the immigration.

HongKong resident permit

Some nationals can just show up in Croatia for up to 90 days as a tourist without prior notice. These future temporary skilled visa holders will also be eligible for a 5-year visa with a pathway to permanent residency. Students will be eligible for a five-year graduate visa from the conclusion of their studies, with a pathway to permanent residency at the end of that period.

Before the transfer of the sovereignty of Hong Kong and Macau, ‘home-return permits’ were issued to any ethnic Chinese person in those territories. However, dependants of persons who have been admitted to study are not permitted to take up employment unless they have obtained prior permission from the Director of Immigration. Issuance of the self-employment visa costs as much as a business visa, 230 HKD . Keep in mind that if you wish to change jobs while you are residing in Hong Kong, you will need to restart the whole visa process under a new sponsor. Your former employer will need to inform the authorities about your departure, and you will not be able to start another job (full- or part-time) until you get your new visa processed. The applying procedures in this case do not differ from the usual ones for a working visa.

HongKong resident permit

At the same time, Canada’s response demonstrates its solidarity with other like-minded allies, and its robust support for, and defence of, democratic values. In lieu of the work permit system, THKM residents can now use their business license, labor contract, wage payment documents, or social security payment records as evidence of employment in mainland China. Additionally, they will now be eligible to register for unemployment benefits. The government of Canada is creating opportunities to attract and retain young, talented, and experienced individuals who will help drive Canada’s economy forward. For a stay longer than fourteen days, they may apply for a visa at the Philippine Consulate General or any Foreign Service Post in a country that requires entry visas to Indian nationals. For a stay longer than seven days, they may apply for a visa at the Philippine Consulate General or at any Foreign Service Post in a country that requires entry visas to PROC nationals.

HongKong resident permit

Government figures put the “net benefit” for the UK at between £2.4bn and £2.9bn. The scheme was what brought Aragon, who asked that his surname not be used, to the UK, after the pandemic thwarted his search for jobs in Canada or Australia. In September he took his life savings and flew to the UK, a country he had never visited before but now calls home.

To visit other countries, or to stay for longer periods, you may require a visa. Please check with the embassy or consulate of the country you will be visiting. To be eligible for a working visa for Hong Kong, the applicant should not have any past records of serious offenses/crimes or security objections. The applicant must have proof that he/she is educationally qualified for his/her profession with certain skills, knowledge and/or experience that are not easily found in the Hong Kong job market. The applicant must also have a valid employment agreement/contract clearly stating information about job title, job description, remuneration and contract period. NB – ID photos that have been digitally enhanced or altered to improve or change appearance or remove distinguishing features are not acceptable.

HongKong resident permit

The competent Consulate decides on each application individually, taking into account all the circumstances of the individual case. The issuance of a visa D depends on the information provided by the applicant and thus on whether the intended stay in Austria for more than 90 days seems to be sufficiently documented. In exceptional cases, it is also possible to issue a visa D with a validity up to 12 months . Holders of a Schengen visa are in principle entitled to enter and stay in the Schengen States presumed that the requirements of Art. 6 Schengen Borders Code are fulfilled and the visa is not subject to territorial restrictions.

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