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Hong Kong Proposes Film Censorship Law To ‘safeguard National Security’

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Hong Kong Proposes Film Censorship Law To ‘safeguard National Security’


Hong Kong Leader Backs Local Version Of China Sanctions Law

Italy Imposes Mandatory Covid Health Pass For Work Amid Protests

In another case, Joshua Wong and three young activists were convicted of “unauthorized assembly” for marking the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre in Victoria Park in 2020. For lighting candles and sitting down in the park, Wong was given a 10-month sentence. This adds to his existing sentence of 13½ months for taking part in another unauthorized protest in 2019, when protesters surrounded police headquarters. Wong’s case is typical among prominent activists, whose prison terms are lengthening as the government brings an increasing number of charges against them. Every year since the Chinese government’s brutal crackdown on protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 1989, tens of thousands people attended the annual candlelight vigil to commemorate the massacre at Victoria Park in Hong Kong. In this picture, 180,000 packed the six football fields of the park on June 4, 2019 .

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But to apply such an interpretation, the court had to review Article 42 for consistency with the HKBOR and reject any government justification for derogation. If the court were to order remedial interpretation, it would presuppose it had constitutional jurisdiction to review the NSL. 2 HKCFAR 4, the applicants were Chinese nationals born on the mainland, whose parents had Hong Kong permanent residency. By virtue of the third category of Article Turkish work permit 24 of the Basic Law, these applicants were also Hong Kong permanent residents because they were “ersons of Chinese nationality born outside Hong Kong of those residents” with permanent residency due to either of the first two categories. However, a local immigration law denied them the recognition of this status—and the concomitant right of abode in Hong Kong—because they had yet to receive a one-way permit issued by a mainland office.

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These include broking, shipmanagement, insurance, banking and financial services, surveying and technical services and of course legal services. The question arises on why the Chinese government chose to move now rather than wait until the 50-year period ends in 2047. Clearly, if Beijing entertained any hope that the former colony would smoothly integrate into the PRC’s system, the SAR’s actions showed that it would not. Doing nothing would make the shock of the end of Hong Kong’s special status all the more painful. Another explanation might be that it was a consequence of Xi Jinping’s decision to create mega urban clusters throughout China, with Hong Kong being incorporating into the Greater Bay Area configuration.

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Combined with anti-coronavirus bans on public gatherings it has certainly snuffed out street protests. “I have done it out of motivation of love for people as individuals, and love for people indirectly by being concerned with social structures… that affect people’s lives,” he said. A lawyer who has lived and practised in Hong Kong for decades, John Clancey has seen the inside of a few police stations — but he never imagined he would be the one in a cell.

Enforcement Of The Mainland Judgment In Hong Kong: Several Issues

He is a leader on financial regulation, technology & privacy, commodities, OTC derivatives, derivative securities, listed derivatives, equities and fixed income products and qualified in New York, England, Hong Kong, Australia and Washington. After many years at investment banks and a magic circle law firm in Sydney, London and Hong Kong, he is working at a leading global commodities trader. He has been working, teaching and researching in the field of aviation law and policy since 2004. Prof. Lee has seven years of legal affairs experience in the airline industry, advising the company on issues relating to company liability, government regulation and competition law matters. Since 2012, he has also acted as legal advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea on aviation law issues and regularly attended the International Civil Aviation Organization Legal Committee as a Korean delegate. He frequently presents at academic and aviation industry conferences and regularly comments in the media.

The increasing exclusion of those who support democratic governance from LegCo and the 2019 protests prompted many aligned with that movement to run in the lower-level District Council elections in November 2019. They won by a landslide; many of those elected use their new platform to criticize the government and to galvanize support for the pro-democracy movement. Hong Kong’s National Security Law has decimated the city’s freedoms and created a landscape increasingly devoid of human rights protections, Amnesty International said in a new research briefing released today, exactly one year after the Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD Beijing-imposed legislation took effect. Hong Kong introduced new film censorship guidelines in June to ban films perceived as promoting or glorifying acts that may endanger national security. HONG KONG—The first person charged under a national-security law imposed by Beijing was found guilty of inciting secession and terrorism Tuesday in a verdict that reaffirms new limits on speech in the city and could set a precedent for future trials under the law. Since the law was enacted, Yam has received a stream of messages from friends and colleagues debating whether it’s time to leave the city for good.

The NSL increased PRC control over the Hong Kong government’s policy and security functions. It required the Hong Kong government to establish separate National Security units within the Hong Kong Police Force and the Hong Kong Department of Justice. It requires the chief executive to seek the opinion of the OSNS before appointing the heads of the HKPF National Security Department and the Department of Justice’s National Security Prosecutions Division. The NSL authorizes the embedding of PRC security personnel in the HKPF NSD and the OSNS. In a June 2020 statement, Hong Kong Security Chief John Lee said PRC security services would operate in Hong Kong “as needed.” There was limited information available during the reporting period regarding the activities of the OSNS or its involvement in human rights abuses against Hong Kong residents.

Hong Kong marked the anniversary of its return to Chinese rule in 1997 with a flag-raising ceremony on July 1, displaying the flag of the former British colony alongside the Chinese national flag at a ceremony in Victoria Harbour. While most of those arrested were candidates in the primaries, Clancey was a treasurer for political organization Power for Democracy, which was involved in the event. The activists are accused of taking part in an unofficial primary election last year that authorities say was part of a plan to paralyze the government and subvert state power.

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