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Medical Examination Requirements For Thai Work Permits

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Medical Examination Requirements For Thai Work Permits


Boi Work Permit

What Are Typical Opening Hours In Thailand?

For employees who resign from their job, the work permit must be returned within seven days of the resignation date and in anyone found in violation of this risks being fined up to 1,000 baht. The processing time for work permits in Thailand often vary depending on where you will be based. For work permits issued in Bangkok, it usually takes an average of seven working days. However, it can take up to two months if you were to be situated in Phuket.

If you thought that the reward for that long-winded process was to be required to have nothing to do with immigration for twelve months, I’m afraid you were wrong. You are required to report to immigration every three months to ‘confirm’ your current address. It’s actually more of a minor inconvenience then a problem because the whole process is completed in a couple of minutes (providing you don’t live in an area with many foreigners) and is free. The date is confirmed by a slip being stapled into your passport and you are free to attend 7 days before, if this is more convenient for you to do so. The Home Office makes their decisions based on the documents and legal representations that are presented to them. The complication of immigration process depends upon individual conditions (Nationality, Education, Marital status, Teaching license, Work Permit etc.,).

Overstaying Visa

My own experience with the Thai Consulate in Vancouver seems to mirror your reference to the legal firm if working remotely from Thailand. The Consulate stated that because I am working for a Canadian company and not a Thai company there is no need to get a WP. Better to start a company in pretty much any other country, and do your business through it. Plus, you need to pay the salaries of 4 people who are doing nothing, pay the Thai shareholders , pay for the accounting, payroll, visa expenses, office rent, etc., and all of that probably at inflated “farang” prices. Our specialty is digital advertising so mainly I will work online.

Thailand work permit

Many schools, however, offer to help you find housing upon arrival – but don’t be too stressed with this point as housing is very inexpensive in Thailand. There are several different points to keep in mind when you are ready to review a Thai teaching contract, because not all job offers are the same, nor do they come with the same benefits. As a prospective teacher, you have several options for the types of teaching jobs you can find in Thailand. Typically, the teaching jobs available in Thailand are one-year contracts. However, half-year contracts are available on a semester-to-semester basis with bonuses for each semester or year completed.

Malaysia My Second Home Mm2h Program Reactivated But Only Millionaires Need Apply

The most common work pass for a foreigner in Singapore is an Employment Pass. In some cases, a 47 Visa will be issued to a foreigner in their home country, but in all others, a foreigner must enter the Philippines and complete the visa process. After receiving their Tax ID Number and Identity Card and AEP, the foreign worker then obtains a 47 Visa from the Immigration branch at their particular SEZ, PEZA, BOI, or AFAB office.

Thailand work permit

Any foreign national wishing to work legally in Thailand will need to apply for and be granted a Thai Work Permit. Regardless of what Visa you are on, even if you are on a Thai Marriage Visa, Permanent Residence Visa, or Business Visa, you will need to first get a Thai Work Permit before you can work legally. In addition, a foreign national arranging a meeting, seminar, or exhibition in cooperation with a government agency or state enterprise will be given a 30-day exemption according to the Royal Decree (No. 2) B.E. A work permit allows a non-Thai citizen to work and operate a business in Thailand as a skilled professional or even as an employer.

Information on thailandlawonline is provided for information purposes only and should not at any time be interpreted as legal advice. Any legal information obtained from should be reviewed with an appropriate legal professional qualified under Thai law to determine its applicability to your particular situation. The employer has engaged in export which has brought into Thailand revenue of 3 million Baht in the previous fiscal year. The employer can hire one foreigner for every additional 3 million Baht up to a maximum of 3 people. Note that work under the Foreign Employment Act is described very broadly, i.e. working by exercising one’s physical energy or employing one’s knowledge, whether or not for wages or other benefits. The law does NOT define work as doing something in return for financial or any other reward.

Thailand work permit

It also serves as a license to perform a job or an occupation allowed for foreigners inside Thailand. Whether you are interested in just getting Turkish resident permit or setting up a new business, we will make it happen for you at very reasonable costs. We have a great team working with foreigners as a one-stop shop, from registering a company, getting foreign business license, work permit, work visa to accounting, audit and tax compliance. In addition, it is ADI’s responsibility to ensure that all legal and government tax requirements are fulfilled in line with law of the county. We offer an efficient, well organized and proven payroll service that take full responsibility for the establishment of process and the execution of service.

Qualifications To Teach In Thailand

It is in Thai only on their website but you’ll see point 7 of page 4 asked for the work permit of – I think – the applicant (it is really unclear on who’s work permit they want). You’ll need to ask the PR desk if this will be needed from you, and if so how far this needs to go back and if they will also want to see your income and tax details. As you say there is the option for your child over 20 to sponsor you as long as he earns 30,000 baht per month. I will put my hand up now and say I’m not familiar with this route but it does exist on paper.

Thailand work permit

The following is our survey of work permit and visa policies and application procedures for foreign workers employed in the ASEAN member states updated February 2020. The following documents the Thai business will have to provide for you when you start the application process. Even if the Embassy does not require everything it is best not to leave any documents out. These documents will be needed by the Labour Department and Thai immigration later. The job description is very important as it needs to fill a vacancy that a Thai cannot fill. As a final note, you should plan ahead for your Thai Visa for your trip.

At least 15 working days before intended date of travel, applicant must fill information online. If the embassy/consulate doesn’t have an online system, other way of document submission should be used, so contact them for more details. It is requested that only those in urgent need to enter Thailand submit an application for entry. Your period of stay is purely dependent on the number of days given in your extended work permit and is not valid for stay in Thailand after your work permit ends.

  • You can also obtain a work permit if you are married to a Thai national and have a marriage visa.
  • And many of those questions will be difficult to answer unless and until regulations are promulgated and we can see how the authorities are enforcing the new version of Thailand’s work permit law in practice.
  • Normally, a work permit is required prior to arrival of the foreign employee, thus it becomes a practice that the employer obtain the work permit for the employee.
  • Now there are many requirements associated with Thai work permits but one of them is a medical examination requirement.
  • In case, anyone holds multiple job positions in more than one company, the same details have to be entered in the Work Permit as well.

If working in Thailand as an employee of a non Thai company for periods not exceeding 30 days it is not generally necessary to apply for a Thailand Work Permit provided you are in possession of a valid Non-Immigrant Category “B” Visa. Both foreigners residing outside Thailand and foreigners already residing in Thailand can also apply for the change of visa type to SMART visa if qualified. In the first step, applicants must obtain a qualification endorsement letter from the SMART Visa Unit located at the One-Stop Center for Visas and Work Permits. Qualification endorsement applications can be lodged at the One-Stop Center for Visas and Work Permits or at the Thai Embassies or Consulates. The screening will also involve the technical endorsement by the designated agencies and the screening process of other requirements. It should therefore be renewed as required in order to allow the foreigner to legally work in Thailand.

Renewal Work Permit In Thailand

However, the applicant must bear in mind that when traveling outside of Thailand, he must make sure that he already has the re-entry permit otherwise his work permit and extension of stay will be invalidated. When hiring a foreign employee, the company must know the background of the said employee and that he should be respectful and abiding with the laws and customs of the Kingdom. If the business entity is classified as a Foreign Company, then, it must bring in at least 3 million baht per foreign worker that it wants to employ in Thailand. A work permit has to be renewed at the labor department every year whereas the same fees as for the initial application (750 Baht up to 3 months / 1,500 Baht 3-6 months / 3,000 Baht 6 months to 1 year) are applicable. Once the work permit is issued to the foreign applicant, he is supposed to always keep the book at his workplace in case officials are requesting to see it.

Then, they should be able to tell you what you need to do next in order to get a visa in Thailand. Get in touch with a relocation service provider to explore this option. If you’re an established digital nomad, they’ll help you relocate and secure a business visa. As their employee, your clients send payments to the relocation service provider, and they pay you a salary. When it comes time to extend your work permit, you’ll need the same documents as when you first applied for it.

Thailand work permit

Another downside is that the Amity Treaty can be only set up for Americans. Once you already have a list of shareholders, one must have an agreement with each other of each other’s shares, liability, and other responsibilities within the business. And make sure to have documentation or proof of the agreement. Plan your Business/CompanyOne must prepare and have detailed information about the business. Identify what the business is all about, the services, the products, identify those kinds of things in your business.

Thailand work permit

The sad truth is that a lot of employers are giving a shit about this law. And that’s not just Thai companies but especially foreign owned businesses that may offer you a job with a salary that is below the minimum wage applicable to your country of origin. However the educational institute must hold a license from the Ministry of Education.

Thailand work permit

We have been using their services for both new work permits and renewals and they have provided a very professional service. The Re-Entry Permit allows you to leave Thailand during the validity of your visa without the visa becoming void. If you don’t have a Re-Entry Permit and you leave Thailand, then you won’t be able to re-enter without getting a new visa. Once you have submitted the application, it generally takes about 7 ways for the Ministry of Labour to process the work permit. Once a decision has been made , you must go back to the Ministry of Labour to receive it and finish the necessary formalities.

Recently, however, Thailand has made a few significant exceptions to this general rule, as well as, some other notable changes to the foreign work permission regimen. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisement. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

Thailand work permit

In case of the experts having an employment contract with a startup, or retired experts having endorsements from a relevant agency, minimum income of no less than 50,000 Baht per month is required. The terms and conditions of visa issuance and visa exemption are prescribed by the Ministerial Regulations. There are very few exceptions to work permits being issued to Dive Masters, and these tend to be on the basis of specialist knowledge, experience, languages spoken and knowledge of the areas that are dived. This would also be applicable to retail staff or dive centre management as certifications in servicing equipment and previous dive retail experience would also be important. A work permit is also usually required when applying for a Thai driver’s license, purchasing a car, or when leasing a condominium. In all these cases, we doubt that the parties involved will be aware of the new regulation.

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