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Thailand Visa & Work Permit Services In Phuket

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Thailand Visa & Work Permit Services In Phuket


How To Get A Teaching Job In Thailand

Entering The Paradise Islands In Thailand

So experienced people with a bachelor’s degree are unable to get work permits after a few years of work here and must be replaced by new people with no experience. I have a friend with a degree and ten years of experience teaching here who recently moved to China because he can no longer get work permits. No matter what the reason is for leaving your job, you should always try to part with your employer on good terms as their co-operation is required for the cancellation of your visa and work permit. Depending on the type of visa you have there may be certain procedures to follow if you wish to cancel your visa permanently and leave Thailand.

Thailand work permit

Unless you have a degree in Education, you will need to apply for a temporary license . There is no specific visa for Thailand that allows foreigners to work. All foreigners must apply for a work permit after obtaining the appropriate visa (Non-Immigrant B Visa) upon arrival.

How To Change Your Visa To Non

The business visa can provide a platform for applying for a Thai work permit and it can also be used solely for the purpose of attending corporate functions in Thailand. Those seeking a business visa from a Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad must file an application which adheres to increasingly strict guidelines regarding visa issuance. For instance, within the ASEAN area virtually every Embassy or Consulate requires evidence of work pre-authorisation before a business visa will be issued. This requirement can lead to many Catch-22 situations involving initial issuance of a business visa. Generally, if a Thai work permit is issued to an individual with a business visa, then it may be possible to obtain an extension of business visa status in Thailand. A Thai Tourist Visa grants you a stay of 60 days in Thailand .

Those who live in and work in the kingdom of Thailand know that whether they like it or not, once a year they will be required to renew their documentation to remain in the country for another year. This is a two part blog which demonstrates the typical process of applying for and renewing a work permit and visa if you are a teacher in Thailand. As you are probably aware, the whole system in Thailand of teacher work permits, teacher licenses and the visas that go with your work permit (often mistakenly called a ‘work visa’) is very complex. So it’s always good to hear things from a teacher who has very recently gone through the process. The majority of the text and information below comes from Teacher Mike, and any extra comments in bold type are from The collation of documents is the back bone of your case, as it helps to strengthen and validate your Thailand Visa application.

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For on-site courses in your local country, check out local resources such as colleges and academies in your home town or nearest big city, there are many available. Typically, a TEFL certification course can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months to complete. Shorter, 4-week long courses will typically be full-time (30-40 hours per week) and are very demanding. A longer 3 to 6 month course will allow you to achieve TEFL certification studying part time and may be a more realistic option for those already working.

Thailand work permit

Again if you are looking to come to Thailand to work, there are ways to do that. For this reason, it is a good idea in my opinion to contact a legal professional in order to gain some insight and guidance in to how best to proceed in obtaining lawful proper admission to the Kingdom of Thailand. Until last year Thailand regulated foreign work permissions under the Alien Workers Act (the “Act”). In 2017 the Emergency Decree on Non-Thais’ Working Management Emergency Decree, (“Decree No. 1”) repealed the Alien Workers Act . Decree No. 1, however, incorporated much of the repealed Alien Workers Act’s provisions and kept in force most of the regulations issued under it. The general rule is that someone who is not a Thai citizen must obtain a work permit if he or she wants to work in Thailand.

I honestly find it denigrating to have to go to see a doctor and ask for that type of certificate. In my opinion it would be more interesting to test all those guys sitting in the karaoke bars every night while their wives are waiting at home, as some of them might bring that disease home. I have lived in Phuket since 2006 and worked for a major hotel before setting up my own company at the end of 2007. From then on, I have extended my visa and work permit every year. Any expat who has applied for work permit in Phuket knows the drill. Each year a medical test is required to renew the work permit, and each year the expat is tested for syphilis.

Thailand work permit

Every 90 days the Charity is obligated to send evidence of you being a volunteer. If you do not volunteer your time then your Visa will be cancelled. While we offer assistance to a few non profits, the most popular is the a foundation who works with disadvantaged children.

The required documents are passport, certify letter of membership and Elite membership card. Let’s say someone receives PR while being on Non-B visa working for some company here in Thailand. Naturally that person would have re-entry permit because of the Non-B visa. In that case does he still need apply for re-entry Turkish staying permit when he leaves the country? Or does the Non-B visa with re-entry permits stays valid alongside the PR? In the case of applying under the humanitarian category for looking after a Thai citizen child, the stated level of income is 30,000 baht per month (see section 3.3.3 of this following document HERE ).

If you plan to search for a job in country, be sure that you have saved enough resources to live in Thailand for up to 30 days. But Thai law doesn’t yet have specific clauses that cater to relatively new developments like foreign online workers. For example, there are some types of work that you may be able to do in the country without a work permit, such as managing your online shop while in the country .

Retirement Visa

You can avail an extension on your work permit by applying for a 1-year extension at the Immigration Bureau. Usually, extensions are valid for the length of your work permit in Thailand, which is 1-year. In other cases, extensions may be granted based on the period of your work permit initially given to you. Basically, Thailand work permit cancellation is a two-step process where you first cancel the work permit and then the Thai extension of stay. As a global EOR solution, we have local entities in over 100+ countries enabling companies like yours to hire and employ people from all around the world. Our suite of HR solutions accentuated by our in-house experts enables us to offer end to end solutions to our users.

The employer must notify the Department of Employment within 15 days from the date of termination. If a Thai work permit is damaged or lost, the licensee must apply for a substitute within 15 days from the date he or she finds out about the damage or disappearance of the work permit. The licensee who plans to continue working must apply for a renewal of the work permit before the expiration date. Once the Thai work permit has expired the process must be started all over again. Once you have received your non-immigrant visa, you may then apply for a .

If you are going to work in Thailand then you will need to have a valid work permit in Thailand. The process starts with you obtaining a Thai Business Visa before you arrive in Thailand to use this visa to apply for the work permit at the Labour department in Thailand. Depending on what you wish to do in Thailand you need to have the correct documents for the application process. Read further to see the full work permit requirements in Thailand. Many foreigners think that they can work anywhere in Thailand when they have a work permit. Or they can work legally in different jobs to earn more incomes because of having just one work permit.

But if you don’t have a job lined up, then get a tourist visa and visit Thailand, and get a job, and then a non-immigrant visa. When you cancel your extension, it is totally up to the immigration officer how many days if any they stamp you. Usually when they cancel the extension the same day and you need to leave the country that day. If your employer does not provide the documentation they are legally obligated to provide so that you can cancel their extension of stay, then GO talk to the Labour Department to file a grievance.

Do you know your skills as an English teacher could be the key to traveling the world? Thai Work Inter is an international teacher recruitment agency, placing teachers in amazing roles across Thailand. Thai Work Inter provides comprehensive placement services including visa assistance, training and accommodation, making the journey to your new adventure that little bit easier.

To sum up, we have covered how to apply for a general work permit and answered some frequently asked questions regarding work permit exemptions. Do also read Greenhouse’s Complete Guide to Doing Business in Thailand to find out the details of business structures and regulations to help you incorporate your business with ease. Before we jump into the exemption, let us first address the application for a Thai work permit. Set up a FREE consultation with our lawyers to consult your business & legal needs. Reside in Thailand legally and with a peace of mind knowing that your stay won’t be interrupted by unexpected immigration issues. Medical Certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected.

Thailand work permit

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