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How To Get A Residence Permit In Turkey Through Buying A Real Estate?

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How To Get A Residence Permit In Turkey Through Buying A Real Estate?


Immigration To Turkey

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If you already have a family residence permit you will not need this one. Apply for a residence permit to Denmark at the Norwegien Visa Application Centre, VFS Global, in Colombo. Apply for residence permit to Denmark at the Embassy of Norway in Lilongwe.

turkey resident permit

You could always try calling the official help line at 157 and seeing what their official stance is on late fees. Unfortunately as far as we know, there’s not really a guaranteed solution as you are technically here without a visa/permit. In general, we know that many foreigners will often just show their ID from home and try explaining themselves in English and this is enough for them to wave you on.


But you have to keep your property under your name for a period of up to 5 years. You are allowed to make use of this property for any business or other purposes. The confirmation from the police is submitted by the applicant at the Embassy, and the Embassy issues an entry visa. You do not need an appointment at the Embassy, but you need to bring your passport and a photography. You must present the passport to the police no later than seven days after the arrival in Norway.

turkey resident permit

If it is either unreasonable or impossible for the foreigner to leave Turkey, an exception can be made. We can certainly help you with your application, arranging your first appointment and the relevant paperwork related procedure. If you are wishing to work then you need to apply for the work permit in Turkey, usually applied for via your employer. In order to be qualified for renewing your residency you must have been residing in Turkey at least 6 months of the year. Rental contracts in Turkey should notarize it at the public notary offices, or Property ownership documents if you have.

You Put The Code Received And Continue The Application

In these cases, according to the system of residence in Turkey, the long-term residence permit can be canceled by the Immigration Department of the Turkish provinces. Our specialists in immigration and related aspects can provide the necessary guidance and advice for foreigners interested in Turkish citizenship. We can manage the entire process in a fast and reliable manner, as we want to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers. It is not accepted to register a property in the name of the company owned by a foreign citizen, or members of his family. An important benefit of this investment program for guaranteeing citizenship is that this status can be obtained in approximately 3 months from the date of application.

turkey resident permit

It’s highly recommended that foreigners, who wish to visit or move to Turkey, should read the related information about Turkey’s visa regime. Making your first appointment currently takes around 4 weeks in Fethiye. You will be asked to provide certain documents and receipts for the fees then you will be contacted by the foreigners bureau within 4 and 12 weeks. Must contain a white background and meet biometric requirements also you will need a soft version of your photo is required while making an Online Application.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage

However, the more information you give, the faster will be the process. Also, choose the dates of the start and end of the proposed short-term Turkish staying permit residence permit. Once the first registration step is done, go to the next step to choose the type of residence permit you want to apply for.

Duration of your insurance must cover the requested duration of residence permit. Ikamet is not a law firm and is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Ikamet is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Directorate General of Migration Management or any other government agency. Blank immigration forms with written instructions, including for spousal visas, are available for free at the DGMM website. Use of the Ikamet website and its services are subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Attorney services are provided by independent attorneys and are subject to a separate Attorney Agreement.

Nonresidents must purchase a Nonresident Archer’s Hunting Permit before purchasing this permit. If a youth is hunter-education certified, he or she may hunt alone. However, if a youth is not hunter-education certified, he or she must hunt in the immediate presence of an adult who has a valid hunter-education certification card or was born before Jan. 1, 1967. Deer permits may be used in any order, and multiple permits may be filled on the same day, except during the early youth portion when only one deer may be taken.

This license may be obtained at the shooting preserve and is valid only on the day issued for the species covered by the preserve’s license. Apply for residence permit to Denmark at the Embassy of Norway in Amman. Apply for residence permit to Denmark at the embassy of Denmark in Rome. The tax number will be requested by the bank upon the opening of the account. The same documents will be required when setting up the Turkish corporate bank account. Additionally, the company must also submit the details of the company’s representative operating the account and the recently created tax number.

Working With Our Agents In Turkey

After printing out the document, fill it out with your handwriting. In case of any missing documents, resident permit turkey your application will be invalid. If you face any trouble sending your documents, please contact us.

A person wishing to live in Turkey will, in many cases, need a special visa authorising entry to the country . However, in other cases, they will merely need a residence permit. Turkey Residence Agency has extensive knowledge in Turkish regulations and documentation. We advise on residence permit, citizenship, investment, buying property and visa procedures. Turkey Residence Agency offers advisory service of residence permit application for our clients. Residence permit can be only granted to foreigners who purchase a property for residential purposes.

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