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Turkey has a complicated property law and it is being changed and updated regularly. Because of this fact, we recommend everyone who wishes to buy or sell property resident permit turkey in Turkey to get professional legal support. The law firm handled all of our legal work, efficiently, responsibly, and kept us informed during the whole process.

turkey law firm

In November 2008, the four CEE offices became a separate practice again, as they were spun off into a regional independent firm under the name Kinstellar . Kinstellar opened offices in Belgrade and Istanbul in 2010, and in Almaty in 2013, integrating a team from Dentons. Güner Law Office is a full-fledged Turkish law firm with strong expertise in a variety of areas including M&A, Corporate, TMT, banking, finance, energy and dispute resolution. CAVUS & COSKUNSU was founded by Burak Cavus and Caglar Coskunsu in 2006 as a boutique firm aiming to provide high-quality legal services to shipping clients. The firm established itself by its commitment to clarity and is a Turkish firm of choice in its practice areas of expertise.

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L & CPro (Law & Consultancy Professionals), started as “Arbitraj Law Firm” in Istanbul Taksim, in 2006 and continues its way by growing much stronger with its international and domestic prominent clients. Our law office is extending worldwide and we at present coordinate or use as associate workplaces Turkish resident permit law offices in Turkey, united Kingdom,Denmark,Greece,Belgium,Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and so on. Solutions to legal problems cover the entire case, not just courtroom trials. Our stellar track record enables many clients to resolve their legal matters out of court.

turkey law firm

Turkey remains committed to joining the European Union; however, this process has been slow and cumbersome. Ongoing U.S.-European Union negotiations to conclude the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership are watched closely by Turkey, given its Customs Union with the EU. While a U.S-Turkey Free Trade Agreement is not being considered at this time, the U.S. has committed to keep Turkey informed of TTIP progress through a joint High-Level Committee. Furthermore, we closely monitor developing technologies and sectoral trends, which may be relevant to our legal practice.

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However, there is not any formal requirement or protection time for the unregistered designs protected under the unfair competition rules of the Turkish Commercial Code. Consequently, the enactment of the Draft Law which complies with the European Union legislation would eliminate the problems regarding unregistered designs. According to the current Turkish legislation, unregistered designs, which are not regulated with special provisions like in British and European Union Law, shall be protected within the scope of general provisions, namely unfair competition provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code. Accordingly, unregistered designs are protected in the context of against causing confusion with someone else’s property, commercial activity or business corporation. Moreover, unregistered designs may be protected within the scope of Law of Intellectual and Artistic Works (“Turkish Copyright Law”) in case of meeting the conditions.

The term “White Hat SEO” is typically used to describe SEO practitioners who follow Google’s guidelines and don’t use tricks or deception. In the 2020s and beyond, doing White Hat SEO mostly comes down to how content is created on the law firm’s website. To be safe, we recommend writing all content on your law firm’s website from scratch, except for things that need to be quoted exactly such as statutes and case law.

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So for the real estate option, you are not allowed to sell the real estate to third person within 3 years following the date of purchase. Translation services to the client to ensure that the client understand the full spectrum of the property purchase process. Purchase of one or more real estate with a total value of minimum USD 250,000 with condition not to sell the property within the following 3 years period. At this stage, we resolve disputes by settlement if possible, and if not we promptly litigate in order to secure the interests of our clients. Akkas & Associates has clients in the health care industry, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, drug retailers and drug wholesalers.

turkey law firm

He is also a registered trademark attorney at Turkish Patent & Trademark Office, since 1996. We advise sponsors, governments, construction companies and lenders on projects and project financings across multiple sectors including oil and gas, power, renewables, infrastructure and telecoms. Please contact us about our area of expertise, real estate purchase, Turkish citizenship and all other issues. We are committed to providing up-to-date information about Turkish legal practice, striving to inform clients about the latest changes in the market. In Turkey, you have some degree of protection for unregistered trade marks under the unfair competition provisions of the Commercial Code. For example, it can be easier to enforce your rights if you register your trademark.

He was the primary legal advisor to various top officials within the Governate- including the Governor of Aswan- whilst holding the position of Director of Legal Affairs for the province. Mr. Yasser also served as Chair of the Board for the Cooperative Housing Association under the Bank of Development & Agricultural Credit. Mr. Atef Abdel Moneim is a practicing International Arbitrator – accredited by the International Arbitration Center in Cairo – and member of the Egyptian Bar Association, where he is registered as a lawyer at the Supreme Constitutional Court and the Court of Cassation.

  • Yes, you may also keep your original citizenship together with the Turkish citizenship.
  • Contact one of the team for our full business guidelines package, for your chosen country.
  • Ourlawyers’ objective is to protect the private interests of our clients in Turkey, based on our solid experience materialized in professional advice, assistance, and legal representation.
  • Investing companies include Japanese food giant NipponHam, spare automotive parts manufacturer Denso Corp and Yanmar Corp, andJapan’s Sun Chemical, which has started a factory in the Aliağa district in a USD 30million investment.

He completed his second master at University of California in Berkeley, one of the top 10 law schools in the USA and graduated from two of his courses with honors. Also, Melih completed the courses International Political Economics, Management and Incentives in Modern Organizations, Legal Writing and Commercial Law and Practice with academic credits at London School of Economics, Harvard University, and University of Cambridge. Our team assists wealthy clients & high-net-worth investors from all over the world with second citizenship & passports. Our network of global contacts means you won’t find a cheaper and faster way of securing a second citizenship. We work directly with Government representatives to deliver a fast & secure process of acquiring your second citizenship & passport.

NGOs and their beneficiaries thereby obtain legal services, mainly comprised of litigation, legal counselling and drafting of legal documents. We’re here to provide assistance on taxation levels, estate and inheritance tax and double taxation treaties. Our expertise in tax planning and international tax laws allows us to provide excellent Turkish staying permit structuring services for businesses regarding their multi-jurisdictional transactions, all with the aim of maximising their tax benefits. Our maritime law team consists of skilful lawyers and of counsels that are able to assist you in matters arising from carriage of goods by sea, shipping contracts and dispute resolution.

Fluctuating economic situations, administrative vulnerability, and steady innovative advances posture worldwide difficulties for the power business. We give customers a profound comprehension of these issues and demonstrated experience around the world. Turkish family courts, in any case, have throughout the years made their own particular statute and one can state that we now have an independent arrangement of Turkish family law.

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We kindly invite those who want to buy real estate in Turkey to get in touch with our local lawyers if they are interested in legal real estate due diligence. We can ensure that the property they choose is free of any encumbrances and debts. If you do not hire a personal injury attorney, you may risk losing your legal rights. Many wrongful death and personal injury cases involve complex legal issues, requiring the professional interpretation of a qualified lawyer. Whether you settle your case in court or by an out-of-court settlement, factual information to support your claim must be provided. As your attorney, the Turley Law Firm would work hard to gather evidence to support your claim.

turkey law firm

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