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Turkey Passport Visa Photo Requirements

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Turkey Passport Visa Photo Requirements


Turkish Passport Visa Free Countries October

Conditional Documents:

It is our objective to prepare the traveling pet owner for all entry requirements that may arise as a result of traveling by air, sea or land. Enforcement may not be consistent in every country or on every airline and having proper documentation will better insure that no problems will arise during your travels. A detailed checklist will be provided and you will be guided through the document collection stage. Experienced immigration advisers will check all documents for compliance to ensure all requirements are met. Turkish Citizenship by Investment —fast-track second passport in 2 months through property investment starting from $250,000.

  • Turkey citizenship applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a clean criminal record.
  • Urgent evisa & super urgent evisa can be obtained within minutes.
  • These involve having additional documents to gain entry at the border, including a negative COVID-19 PCR test result and a completed passenger locator form.
  • The applicant only needs an Internet connection to complete the Turkey visa application for U.S. citizens, which can be filled in from the comfort of a home or office.
  • We work with the experts in the field worldwide offering professional services.

Transit visa is given to foreign travelers who will have stopover at the international zone of a country’s airports on the way to third destinations. However, Turkish authorities do not ask for transit visas given that the traveler will not be leaving the transit lounge at the airport. Applicants shall make their applications through the diplomatic missions in order to get a work visa or a work permit to stay in Turkey for longer periods. A letter of employment along with the other documents should be submitted to Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security for approval. Business visa is granted to third country nationals who seek to visit Turkey only for business purposes.

Can Anyone Apply For The Single Entry Tourist E

But the personnel at the passport department told him that his passport was cancelled through a ‘loss’ notice, and that he might find the detailed information at Police Passport Department. Thereupon the businessman went to the Passport Department’s campus in Ankara, he repeated again that he didn’t issue such any loss notice for his passport. The officials rejected to provide any detailed Turkish staying permit information. The applicant may select from several investment options, each of which qualifies for the Turkish citizenship program. A recent reduction in the minimum investment amount to only USD 250,000 makes the Turkish citizenship program one of the most affordable citizenship by investment programs available worldwide. Application processing can be as fast as three to six months.

turkey passport

Visa remains valid for 90 days with a maximum stay of 15 days. Any additional documents which the Embassy may need like property papers, business profile etc. If the applicant has travelled to United Kingdom , United States of America or any Schengen country, then PCC is not required or else, it would be required.

Is Turkey’s Visa Single Or Multiple Entry?

Tickets, Money and ID — Make sure you keep copies of everything with you when traveling to and around Turkey. For travelers who need to relax after a long day, the thermal pools are an ideal place to unwind. Increased security and government efforts have helped secure these regions. All arriving travelers must undergo a medical evaluation for symptoms of COVID-19, including temperature checks. Vaccine recommended for long-term travelers and those who may come in contact with animals. COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for travel to all regions, both foreign and domestic.

The Turkish Embassy is not issuing a visa on a fresh passport in the case of individuals, so don’t apply without travel history. You should visit turkish citizenship 2 or 3 countries before applying for a Turkish visa from Pakistan now. These are the Turkey visit visa requirements from Pakistan 2021.


The form must be filled out by every visitor entering Turkey. It was implemented in March 2021 as a protective measure against the spread of the coronavirus. It simply aims at ensu3ring the safety of international travelers. Astons’ focus is to provide a hassle-free work permit turkey and seamless service throughout the entire process. We will guide you through every step of the Turkish citizenship acquisition procedure with due diligence and care, ensuring that your application is submitted correctly and followed up to application approval.

Appointed press members obtain a “Visa Annotated for Press” is subject to permission. The Working Visa is mainly for those individuals who are in Turkey for employment. A valid passport, a Visa application form, duly filled and a letter from the employer is required to get a Working Visa. The list of other mandatory documents must be shared by the employer at the Turkish ministry of Labour and Social Security, within 10 working days of the application.

Visa Application Form

Alamgir Hossain said 14 months agoI am returning from UN Mission of South Sudan on 19 July ’20 along with my colleagues by Turkish Aiirlines. I am allowed to visit Istambul by obtaining On Arrival Visa within this tranisit time in this COVID-19 situation. Please note that in accordance with the guide published by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, certain flight restrictions apply for arrivals to Turkey. Passengers are required to obey the conditions below for a healthy and safe flight.

turkey passport

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