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After the title deed transfer and 3 years restriction hold, Title Deed Head Office provides a confirmation letter. Then with the other required documents the application is submitted to the Turkish Citizenship Office managed by the Ministry Of Interior. All the documents are investigated by Ministry Of Interior, National Intelligence Agency, and Turkish Police Department, then the Turkish President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself signs the confirmation of the Citizenship.

Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD

You can prove this by an interview with a Turkish government official, your city, or town hall. The interviews are subjective, and depending on the official, their difficulty varies. However, you should have no problem if you are fluent in Turkish. No need to declare your wealth and source of investment for application. When you buy a property, you will be owning the property freehold.

By The Assistance Of Our Legal Advisors And Real Estate Consultants, You Can Choose One Of Our Suitable Options

Turkish Citizenship regulations have been amended to further encourage foreign investment. Purchasing a property or other types of investment of certain limits may give foreigners a path to Turkish Citizenship. Our Dedicated team will walk Turkish work permit you through the whole process, making sure your investment is securely handled and all legal documentation is properly filed under the Turkish law. • Many countries do not require visas from Turkish citizens for traveling through them.

Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD

We provide legal support with our company lawyers who have experience in citizenship by investment program. It is checked whether the receipt, valuation report and declared values meet the criteria sought in the regulation by the land registry office. Foreigners whose has an uninterrupted residence period in Turkey for 5 years with a special residence permit for property owners can acquire Turkish citizenship through a general application. Unlike other nationality programs offered by different countries, the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship is attractive for foreign investors as the application can be made immediately after the purchase of the real estate. By property purchase with a minimum value of $250,000 in Turkey, you will have a strong investment.

Turkish Citizenship By Investment

Also, in the 1990s the full inclusion movement gained a lot of momentum. This called for educating all students with disabilities in the regular classroom. I am also very familiar with this aspect of education as well, as I have also been an inclusion teacher from time to time over my career as an educator on both sides of the isle as a regular education teacher and a special education teacher.

Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD

A regulation regarding the Turkish Citizenship Law was added to Article 20, which regulates the conditions for the exceptional acquisition of Turkish citizenship. It was also decided that citizenship rights should be provided for foreigners investing in capital market instruments and other investments. According to this, a share of real estate investment fund participation of at least 1.5 million dollars or foreign investors who hold a venture capital investment fund share and keep it for three years will be entitled to Turkish citizenship. Turkish citizenship by real estate investment program will provide benefits for your entire life with purchasing property in Turkey. There are several important advantages of property purchase in Turkey in addition to being a citizen. You can get more information through our consultants if you want to learn about the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey.

Our professional and dynamic team of property investment consultants is ready to assist you with the most suitable options possible. Our in-house-lawyers are qualified for the subject and willing to help you throughout the process. Document that will be taken from Provincial Security Directorate indicating his/her entries and exits to Turkey regarding his/her retrospective residing in Turkey at least for 5 years since his/her citizenship application. Turkey is also privileged to hold an E2 Visa Treaty with the USA, meaning for an additional business investment, Turkish citizens can apply for residency in the USA with the maximum stay terms.

Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD

We keep our website continuously updated with new bargain properties and new real estate projects in Turkey. In conclusion, the introduction of regulations which enable the acquisition of citizenship through investment can be considered a significant step in attracting both investors and qualified workforce into Turkey. In the assessment of Turquoise Card applications, a point-based system is used, based on the criteria determined by the Directorate General of International Workforce. Accordingly, foreigners who get sufficient points are assessed positively. As per the Regulation, foreigners whose applications are found suitable by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security upon the recommendation of International Workforce Policy Advisory Committee, are granted the Turquoise Card. If the application is granted, the applicant’s spouse and dependent children, also obtain a certificate indicating their relation to a Turquoise Card holder.

But beyond that, we still stay connected with you after your purchase. Take advantage of our after-sales commitment, which includes servicing all issues related to your property such as rental possibilities, property inspections, maintenance. No, the citizenship approval depends on the verification of records of national security units.

With this citizenship approval, we apply to the Immigration Office desk on the same day without waiting for an appointment for a contemporary residence permit. With the approval and residence permit, finally we apply to General Directorate of Population and Citizenship on the same day. After tapu application, all process is followed in a special Citizenship Information Office in Istanbul and Ankara. There are many advantages of applying for citizenship by investment with AKD Invest.

Turkish citizenship can be acquired both by birth or after birth. One of the required conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship is to invest in Turkey. Real estate in Turkey is a lucrative investment route that gains in value over time.

In other words, the investor will be able to get his money back with the legal interest and will be able to get dispose of the house or home he/she bought at the end of three years. In other words, the person who had acquired Turkish citizenship by investment will continue to be a Turkish citizen even if he/she withdraw his/her investment after three years. This citizenship Turkish is valid not only for the investor but also for his wife and children under 18 years. Although there is a requirement like investing in Turkey for citizenship, the condition that the investor, his wife or children must live in Turkey has not been predicted.

For citizenship application types such as residence, marriage or Turkuaz Card, you need to apply through the governor’s office if you are living in Turkey, where you reside or through the consulate general if you are abroad. If you wish, you can perform your work permit turkey application procedures through a special power of attorney. The required documents will vary depending on your application type. You should apply for a special residence permit to immovable property owners with your title deed regularly in these 5 years.

Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD

Next, we will help you to get a tax number which you will need in the future for several needs. The tax number can be taken from any tax office in half an hour by only providing your passport and filling the required form with your presence. There are requirements to become Turkish citizen in Turkey to be followed by capital owners by real estate if you want to be beneficial. Firstly, there are some vital points you should consider to acquiring Turkish Citizenship program.

You can apply for a residence permit when the title deed is transferred without any purchase of $ 250,000 house or housing. In this sense, the person must apply simultaneously for his/her family. If the family is the point in question, family members, women and individuals over the age of 18 must also give a power of attorney. If your family has a child under the age of 18 during your moving process, they are obliged to complete military service when the time is ripe.

Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD

Turkish citizenship application results are determined within 3-4 months after the title deed transfer if the documents are complete. Investors can immediately apply for citizenship once the residence permit is granted. No physical presence or interview is needed during the application process. Male children under 18 years old, when they reach military age, are obliged to do military service. It is a condition for dual citizenships; you may choose between two countries.

You will be granted temporary residency whilst your citizenship application is being processed. The purchase of other types of real estate are also eligible in the scheme. You can purchase more than one property, so long as the total investment exceeds the minimum threshold of $250,000. There are no restrictions on nationalities who can apply for citizenship – you can be from any country.

Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD

Yes, your family is entitled to the citizenship opportunities that you will benefit from within the scope of your application. The valuation report must show that the property is worth more than 250,000 USD. In accordance with the Law amendment that has come into force in 19 September 2018, foreigners who purchase a property with at least 250,000 USD can acquire Turkish Citizenship within 2 months.

Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD

Investors also have the opportunity to apply for a short-term residence permit through the e-residence system. However, in this case, the relevant documents must be submitted to the General Directorate of Migration Management. In this bulletin, we will focus on how and when foreigners who invest in Turkey by obtaining a short-term residence permit can acquire citizenship in accordance with Article 31/1 of the Foreigners and International Protection Law. Almost all countries have made special arrangements to easily grant citizenship to people who have certain qualifications. It is possible for some foreigners to acquire citizenship of the Republic of Turkey due to their close interest and connections with our country, in a much easier way than for any foreigner to acquire citizenship. It must be deposited to the bank account of the seller or the seller’s authorized representative through such means as money transfer, EFT etc. by the purchaser or the purchaser’s authorized representative and must be documented.

  • If one knows and understands how the laws work in this country, then one knows the laws always progress through tiny little increments that add up to progress over time.
  • The purchase of property abroad is a major decision in anyone’s life.
  • We have our POA template that contains only the required rights for a buying process.
  • Buying shares in Turkey is also one of the ways to become a citizen of this country, and in this way you must buy shares of not less than 500 thousand US dollars.

Before purchasing the real estate, a real estate valuation report showing the market value of the real estate should be prepared by the authorized real estate appraisal institutions by the SPK and the BDDK . The preparation date of the report submitted during the application can be up to 3 months before the application date. The said report will be considered valid until the transaction is completed.

MAB Turkey is one of the leading companies specialized in property consulting and Turkish citizenship. Original claims from the seller’s account, stamped with the seal of the receiving bank. Original payment receipts stamped with the seal of the sending bank. A certified copy of the real estate deed or the so-called real estate contract.

Firstly, you can have a video conference call with one of our sales consultants. All your questions related to the real estate sector in Turkey can be answered and presentation for the properties can be made online. You can also have a video conference call with the lawyer as well to ask your questions related to the Turkish citizenship application process. In both cases, bank receipts for the transfers to the seller of the property will be required with wet signature confirmed by the bank for the citizenship application. In general, transferring from a Turkish bank account is easier as we can control things easier.

Capital gains tax will be calculated if you sell your property within 5 years though. You will be paying 15% to 35% from the inflated net income depending on this amount. In normal cases developers will have one price list which is same for Turkish people and foreigners. This is important for keeping a good reputation also for the developers. Citizenship can be granted to the spouse and children below 18 years old after the application.

Capital gains, excluding gains from the sale of a property held for more than five years, are not exempt from personal income tax. Both sellers and customers of a property are subject to a transfer tax of %4 total. We actively take part in the following law firm istanbul phases to manage the process under the best possible legal framework from A to Z and in full compliance with the related official regulations. We assure confidence&transparency, simplify complexities and ensure a successful outcome for our clients.

Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD

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