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Turkey Citizenship By Investment Program And Eligibility

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Turkey Citizenship By Investment Program And Eligibility


Turkish Citizenship Database Dumped

Citizenship Through Investment

My Turkish Passport company is a trendsetting firm in the arena of citizenship by investment and residency by investment solutions domiciled in Istanbul. Thanks to our know-how reservoir and 15 years’ experience in the sector, we are facilitating your investments in real estate within Turkey. Our consultants will assess your status to help you to find the best investment option. If you are the main applicant, you have the option to add dependents to the citizenship application process. These dependents can be spouse, children under 18 years old or age-independent disabled children.

turkey citizenship

In this option there is no limitation of investment or value of the property, if you buy any property with a reasonable value in turkey you will get a 1-year permit residency, you can renew it every year. Once you have spent 5 years and the property was under your name you can apply for the Turkish citizenship. If you live in turkey legally for several years specified by the country’s government, then you can apply for the citizenship through naturalization, it’s one of the most common methods of getting the second citizenship.

More Benefits Of Turkish Citizenship

6- After the contracts are signed, a statement is entered into the registry of the real estate that the property will not be sold for three years. You can buy your property and have your Turkish passport without visiting Turkey. If you decide to buy a key-ready property, you will need to make cash payment for the purchase in most cases .

You have to visit the country to receive citizenship and there is a new 6 month residency requirement before applying for Cypriot passport. Our Turkish citizenship law lawyers are ready to apply citizenship with bank deposit, they will assist you to open a bank account. We generally open bank accounts with a Power of Attorney given to us by our clients. Some of our client give us PoA in their own country either at Turkish Embassy or local notary and apsotille. A PoA can be given in a way called double legalization in some countries like China.

Turkish Citizenship By Investment In 4 Phases

If you have the money, then becoming a Turkish citizen through real estate is the fastest way. And, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be one property for that amount, it can be several properties that total the 250,000 USD. And indeed, the growing number of religious men and women in every-day life, in the economy and in public service suggest a process of reconciliation between the state and the conservative middle-classes.

According to the marriage laws in Turkey, a Turkish citizen can marry a foreigner of different nationalities in Turkey. The other party must be free from any action that threatens and harms the national security of Turkey. However, the realization of this right is possible under certain conditions established by the relevant law.

There is also no requirement to visit the country for receiving citizenship or passport initially. Our Turkish citizenship law lawyers are ready to apply Turkish citizenship after receiving conformity certificate. Our Turkish Citizenship Law Attorneys do perform Turkish citizenship services with investment options. We have extensive experience in immigration law in Turkey and we have obtained more than 400 passports. This law means that you, as an investor, spend money on real estate that you can resell after three years with a higher price in a country that is witnessing an enormous development in real estate. This way, you will have won Turkish Citizenship and doubled your money after reselling the real estate you had bought.

turkey citizenship

The Turkish government announced last year a law that allows foreign investors to apply for Turkish citizenship with different terms. The law granting Turkish citizenship to foreign investors in return for buying a property in Turkey was issued last year and was published in the Official Gazette on 12 January 2017. Turkey relies heavily on the real estate sector as one of the most important pillars of economic growth, which is linked to dozens of sectors directly or indirectly, and the government supports this sector to the maximum extent possible. The law issued in this regard, which gives the right to obtain Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property is the most important advantages that show the great importance attached by Turkey to the real estate sector. If you are interested in getting citizenship through investment, you should think before you proceed because there are much better options for rich people to gain citizenship through investment.

How To Get Turkish Nationality For Pakistani?

However, in 1993, Turkey sealed its land border with Armenia in a gesture of support to Azerbaijan during the First Nagorno-Karabakh War, and it remains closed. Armenia in its turn put trade sanctions on Turkey after the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War. From 31 December 2020, imports from Turkey have been banned due to Turkey’s support for Azerbaijan in the conflict. In line with its traditional Western orientation, relations with Europe have always been a central part of Turkish foreign policy.

European residency programs allow you to obtain Residency in these countries within a processing time of about 3 months. With a European residency, you can travel freely in Europe and some of these programs will lead to citizenship after a few years. One of the most important benefits to owning second citizenship is the piece of mind you receive in return.

The property registration tax is 4% of the cadastral value of real estate. For registration of a residence permit, you need to pay about $70 . The spouse and minor children may issue passports together with the investor. There is an exception for disabled children who have already turned 18 years old. Children with disabilities are eligible for a Turkish passport with no age limit.

turkey citizenship

International Students need to find a job for this purpose after their study as students cannot apply for citizenship soon after living five years in on student visa. However, if a student marries a Turkish citizen or follows another program, nationality is possible accordingly. Migrathon™ is the leading Turkey Immigration Lawyersfocused solely on citizenship by investment and immigration to Turkey and many other countries in the world. Migrathon™ immigration lawyers focused on Turkish citizenship with investment by buying real estate or bank deposit with a 100% success rate.

Pit Turkey And Our Legal Team Will Assist Clients With These Documents Once Poa Has Been Provided

A foreigner who applies for Turkish citizenship by way of investment should first obtain short term residence permit. Normally, in order to make a short-term residence permit application, the foreigner should enter Turkey with a valid visa, or by benefiting from a visa exemption. It is possible to change the currency or type of investment which is mentioned in Regulation (such as purchasing a real estate investment fund share and capital investment trusts fund share with a minimum value of $500.000). However, in case of shifting the amount to another investment type, such process should be instantaneous and there should not be any interruption for three years period.

Although there is a requirement like investing in Turkey for citizenship, the condition that the investor, his wife or children must live in Turkey has not been predicted. As real estate agents, many foreign clients ask if they can get Turkish citizenship by buying a house. Our answer is yes, because Turkish resident permit Turkey has a program that allows buyers to invest in property for citizenship. Known as Golden Visa schemes because they offer a passport, many countries operate on the same principle. Still, Turkey’s property investment scheme is attractive with many benefits, including a quick approval time.

Children above 18 years of age qualify for a Turkish residence permit, which eventually leads to Turkish citizenship. In addition to current research products on FCIL topics, this collection includes historical legal reports that have been previously unavailable to the public. The reports contain comparative analysis of foreign and international law from the period of the 1940s to the present. These digitized and born-digital historical reports will be released in phases.

Hoping to help you to get the citizenship & wealth management goals. Education and working experience in Europe, I have been working in the immigration industry for 8 years. I have over 6 years of experience in immigration, visas and other related programs. Expertise in understanding the needs of my clients, their goals and offering them the best advice to achieve their goals. 11 Years of experience in immigration field, specialized in immigration and wealth management planning.

turkey citizenship

Main applicants must be over the age of 18, possess sufficient funds to make an investment, and must be of good moral character. Main applicants may also include a number of dependants in an application. Applicants can invest US$500,000 in fixed capital, acknowledged by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Applicants can purchase government bonds valued at US$500,000 and recognised by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

So the real estate investment as a condition to get the Turkish citizenship is not applicable for Syrians. In 2018, the Turkish government cut the investment amount significantly Turkish resident permit to make the program more competitive. The Turkish CBI offers several investment option to applicants, with the most popular being the property purchase.

Topkapı Palace in Istanbul is one of the most famous examples of classical Ottoman architecture and was the primary residence of the Ottoman Sultans for approximately 400 years. Mimar Sinan (c.1489–1588) was the most important architect of the classical period in Ottoman architecture. He was the chief architect of at least 374 buildings that were constructed in various provinces of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. Christianity has a long history in present-day Turkey, which is the birthplace of numerous Christian apostles and saints.

turkey citizenship

We have a rich portfolio of experience in the citizenship process that enable us to follow and finalize the process as smooth as possible. Without your presence in Turkey, we are filing the citizenship submission and follow the whole process till to end on your turkish citizenship by investment behalf and; act as your contact person between the public authorities and yourself. Beside, to become Turkish citizen by investment, the applicant is not required to live in Turkey even a short while or is not required to have even a basic level of Turkish.

turkey citizenship

Turkish CIP has the fastest application processing time and the highest approval rate. Invest $250,000 in real estate and get your Turkish Passport in less than 2 months. We are one of the oldest, most established companies, processing residency applications for more than 20 years. Investments in Turkish citizenship could be sold after the desired period. You can sell the real estate papers or close the deposit after the lock-in period is over. For almost nine years, we have been first choice on arrival to Turkey for thousands of customers.

turkey citizenship

By as early as June 2020, over 9,000 primary applicants and more than 25,000 dependents obtained Turkish citizenship via the program. The EB-5 regional center program expired June 30th and we’re waiting for the US Congress to possibly extend the program in the coming months. Meanwhile, direct EB-5 is alive and well and available at the lower investment amount of $500,000. Visa-free travel to 110 countries, including Japan, Thailand, and all of Central and South America. Malta is the only country that has visa waiver agreement with United States. Once you are refused by one country, you could be automatically refused by all other CBI countries.

  • A foreigner who applies for Turkish citizenship by way of investment should first obtain short term residence permit.
  • If you are considering enrolling in Turkish GHI, carefully research what is and is not covered.
  • Natural persons of foreign origin are granted the right to acquire Turkish citizenship by means of exceptional procedures upon purchase of real estate worth USD 250,000 and more.
  • The Lausanne Convention stipulated a population exchange between Greece and Turkey, whereby 1.1 million Greeks left Turkey for Greece in exchange for 380,000 Muslims transferred from Greece to Turkey.
  • Foreign investors qualify for Turkish citizenship buying$250,000 worth of real estate in Turkey or $500,000 enterprise investment in Turkey or $500,000 worth of Government bonds or Bank deposit.

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