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Turkish Citizenship And Immigration Lawyers

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Turkish Citizenship And Immigration Lawyers


How To Apply For Turkish Citizenship, Support Your Application, Advantages Of Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenshipapplication Process

As required in the presence of certain conditions and necessary documents must have been prepared in full and delivered to the relevant authority in order to become a Turkish citizen through marriage. The competent authority to deliver the documents is the Foreigners Branch of the Security Directorate located in the Turkish spouse’s residence. This process can be done by the person himself/herself, as well as by a lawyer specialist in the field with the given proxy.

turkish citizenship

You are not required to have even basic level of Turkish for benefiting from work permit turkey process. Applicants are not required to be reside or present in Turkey before or during citizenship process. Provide the client an estimation about the full costs and taxed about the property purchase process. Establish a business in Turkey and employ at least 50 employees in that business. Turkish citizenship lawyer office, we are with you throughout the entire process. In the event you are considering marriage solely as a means of obtaining Turkish citizenship, however, note that Turkish courts will not grant you a divorce on the basis of a ‘fictitious marriage’.

Required Documents For The Acquirement Of Turkish Citizenship Exceptionally As Turkish Citizenship Through Investment

Experienced lawyers prevent you from losing time by directing you right. Without being in Turkey, you can handle your transactions with the power of attorney that you will give to a lawyer. In the purchase process, the qualification of the real estate does not matter. The qualification of the property can be housing, workplace, land, field, garden and so on. There is no limit to the number of properties that can be acquired through sale or which may be subject to the promise of sale. The important thing is that the real estate value totals sought on the dates specified in the Law are in compliance with the application for .

These conditions and headings are realized by the decision of the competent authority, by the exercise of the right of choice, by adoption and in an exceptional manner. A citizen has duties to do and there are the laws bound by him/her within the borders of the country, where he/she is. It can be acquired later, or anyone may cease to be a citizen later as well.

Citizenship For The Whole Family

We provide advisory services on foreign direct investment and investment schemes in Turkey. We are the legal partner and trusted advisor of our foreign clients in Turkey. What conditions must be met to obtain citizenship by marriage with a Turkish man or woman?

The amount of deposit to keep in banks in Turkey to acquire citizenship was also reduced from US$ 3 million to US$ 500 thousand. A new prerequisite for obtaining Turkish citizenship has also been introduced to Article 20 of the Regulation. You can either work with an agent from the Turkish Embassy in your country, or you can give power of attorney to a person or company to track your citizenship application process. In Property Turkey we offer a wide selection of “Investment and Lifestyle” properties on Turkish real estate market for over a decade. Within our portfolio which is the widest of the sector we offer you a selection of properties approved for “Citizenship by Investment Program”.

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First of all, we need to find a property / properties , then, you can enter into the 2nd stage of the process. Our company provides a comprehensive citizenship application program where the consultancy is provided for this. Turkish Citizenship by Investment provides second passport for investors who would like to become a Turkish citizen by property investment of $250,000 or more. Turkish golden visa and citizenship program is one of the fastest in Europe and Turkish passport is one of the best passports in the world. If you would like to learn how to become a Turkish citizen, contact Turkish Citizenship by Investment today.

turkish citizenship

In the last 20 years, Turkey has emerged as a major global influence in business, investment, tourism and expat living. So, naturally many foreigners are moving to the country or setting up businesses, and want Turkish citizenship to enjoy the same benefits as a Turk. Advantages of Turkish citizenship include the legal right to work and vote, as well as eliminating the need for a residency permit, therefore, saving time and money. New citizens can also pay into the social security system for health and pension benefits. When making the Turkish citizenship applications, a valid residence permit is required.

Turkish Citizenship With Investment

Once you have held a residence permit for 8 years, under certain requirements you can apply for an indefinite residence permit. The law defines a Turkey tax resident as any person who has their domicile in Turkey, or lives in Turkey for more than six months per year . The worldwide income of a resident person will be subject to Turkish personal income tax. Non-residents are only required to pay a tax on their income derived from Turkish source. Distribution of dividends between resident companies is tax exempt.

If you choose Turkey as a second country to live in and you want to enter this country several times a year at different time intervals, you can get a one-year tourist stay in Turkey, which does not have very complicated steps. But if you choose Turkey as your country of residence, obtaining will definitely be in your favor in many ways. As mentioned above, requirements and minimum investment amounts vary in each country depending on their legislation. Attention should be paid to the documents regarding the investment and personal information as well as personal background of the applicant.

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Contact the Turkish Embassy in your country & make your application though them. Turkish residency is not required ,but if married to a Turkish citizen,the 3yr rule still stands. # Check with your Nufus office to confirm if they require your birth certificate Apostilled from the country it was issued in. You may find that some applicants must show a title deed if applying as ‘not married to a Turkish Citizen’, the number of photos may change and the application fee is apparently not standard & other general documentation will vary. Citizenship of Turkey is granted after 3-6 months following the applicants investment.

If the real estate is leased also annually a real estate income tax is payed. Children from other marriages and also adopted children can also be the subject for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship. When you get Turkish citizenship, your newborn and the children that are going to born will also be born as Turkish citizens. It is a great benefit to work with a lawyer who knows Turkish law and the procedures, principles and conditions of Turkish citizenship very well. In case there is authorization in the related power of attorney this can be done. Turkish citizenship can be applied for real estate purchased from different places and at different times.

Most of important benefits ever is the value of money, as according to the currency rate of the Turkish lira . Foreign investors can buy a big property in Turkey comparing Turkish work permit to what this amount of money can buy in their country. Exchanging rate is all-time high which gives you a big amount of Turkish liras to buy properties in Turkey.

According to the 2016 Visa Restrictions Index of Henley & Partners, a global ranking of countries drawn from the freedom of travel enjoyed by its citizens, the Turkish passport ranks 51st of 104. Turkish citizens have access without a visa or visa upon arrival in more than 102 countries and territories, including most countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Most European countries, the U.S., Canada, Russia, China, and India require the issuance of a visa prior to arrival in the country.

  • Torun Law Consulting Department serves its individual and corporate clients in English, Arabic, Persian, Russian, and Chinese languages in terms of both local and international business and investments.
  • In conclusion, if you decide to be on the journey of real estate ownership, settlement or investment in Turkey, do not hesitate to discuss the available options with our real estate consultants.
  • Take these mentioned steps and apply to the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning with your documents and your receipt.
  • Client will receive the residence permit right after they make the investment.
  • Panama Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter Panama and can spend up to 180 days in Panama.

Applicant’s spouse and children who are less than 18 years old will also be granted Turkish Citizenship. You can sell your property once the required time expires and Turkish Citizenship is granted. In this way, foreigners wishing to acquire Turkish citizenship will not be affected by the floating exchange rate.

turkish citizenship

Foreigners have been investing in Turkish properties since 2018 for the benefits Turkish citizenship provides. You can get citizenship to a second country where you can enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful scenery with a high standard of living, visa on arrival, or visa-free travel to 111 countries. Along with investors, their spouses and children under 18 also obtain Turkish citizenship. They would be eligible for an E-2 investor visa in the USA for a renewable period of five years.

turkish citizenship

The stages of Turkish citizenship start from the Turkish Tapu Department in order to assess the value of the property in Turkey. Submit foreign passports and personal identification documents with the translation of these documents into Turkish. Submit original birth certificates for children under the age of 18. Not selling the property to the same person from whom the property was purchased. Foreign investors in Turkey can also buy more than one property with the same amount.

turkish citizenship

Especially, Turkey citizenship for Indians is one of the principal opportunities that open many doors on a global scale. After obtaining the investor’s residency permit, the procedure for submitting the citizenship applications for Turkish citizenship start at the Naturalization Department. The application for naturalization is submitted in the name of the husband and wife, and the names of the children are included under the names of the father and mother. At this stage, the competent real estate advisor and the legal team will provide lists of documents to be extracted in order to process applications for obtaining Turkish citizenship for all family members who are eligible. By making minimum fixed capital investment of USD 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira.

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