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Turkish Citizenship By Investment Program Of 2021

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Turkish Citizenship By Investment Program Of 2021


The Turkish Citizenship And Passport For $250,000

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Applicants may re-acquire Turkish citizenship provided that they have no situation constituting an obstacle with respect to Turkish national security. The automatic acquisition or retention of a foreign citizenship (i.e. foreign mother or father’s citizenship) does not affect Turkish citizenship and there is not any provision in Turkish law that prohibits multiple citizenship. It is not therefore necessary for the child who obtains Turkish citizenship to relinquish his/her other citizenship at any age.

  • In addition, the lower limit of fixed capital investments has been reduced to US $500,000 from US $2 million, making Turkey far more attractive as a business investment destination when it comes to the acquisition of economic citizenship.
  • The United States of America is a party of E2 Treaty between Turkey, therefore foreign investors will have great comfort to dwell in the USA after become citizen in Turkey!
  • The country’s government has issued about 35,000 passports to investors and their family members.
  • In line with the Turkish citizenship by investment program, we provide legal services to the clients who are willing to be Turkish citizenship, by making qualified investment in Turkey.

According to these changes foreigners who make an investment which meet one of the following criteria are eligible for Turkish citizenship. • After making an appointment, you may go to the Turkish Consulate in your country to issue a power of attorney, and then you post it to your proxy in Turkey. Foreigners who have lived in Turkey for five years or more on a residency permit are eligible if they have not spent over 185 days a year outside the country.

Turkey Citizenship For International

For investors to apply for Turkish citizenship, investors must put 3 years of unsalable annotation to property. During Turkish citizenship period, the investor can lease his real estate and benefit from the rental income. Also, Turkish citizenship program offers simplified opportunities for investors who want to move to the UK and the US. Investors can move to England and apply for British citizenship on a Turkish Business Visa. Our Turkish citizenship lawyersare prepared to handle real estate acquisitions to get Turkish citizenship with investment.

turkish citizenship

However persons who have acquired Northern Cyprus citizenship not by birth but after birth may not enjoy this privilege. They may apply for Turkish citizenship under the procedure of general acquisition regulated in article 11, which is subject to the competent authority’s decision. A person who has fulfilled the above conditions does not automatically acquire the Turkish citizenship. Another re-acquisition option is regulated in Article 43 of the Law for the person whose citizenship has been revoked per the provisions of the former Citizenship Law, numbered 403.

Ideal Property Investment

In some places, golden visa property buyers need to live there for a set number of days each year. So, you could use your property purchase as a holiday home or rent it out for a passive income stream. A Potential Tax Identification Number is required to complete the necessary procedures for real estate acquisition and bank account opening. There are many clients who asked for citizenship programs with easy application processes and fast processing times.

turkish citizenship

Client will receive the residence permit right after they make the investment. They don’t have to reside in Turkey – there is no such application requirement. Once client is granted the residence permit, they can apply for the citizenship right away. When you tell us the kind of property you are looking for, and your preferred region, we will prepare a portfolio of selected properties, based on your requirements. Turkey’s Interior Ministry said a few days ago that citizenship applications continue to rise, with 5,111 Turkish citizenships already issued, and a further 9000 still being processed.

The value of the property will be determined by an official valuation survey done by the authorities that are announced by the Banking Supervision Board. The value of the property must be at least $250,000 in the valuation report. You can read our article about the application process for law firm istanbul here.

turkish citizenship

If you like this article, feel free to contact Istikrar property and share it with your family and friends. Civil status document, such as a marriage contract, translated and certified. A translated copy of the passport into Turkish and certified by “Noter” for each family member. Moreover, staying permit turkey we should also mention that the old Turkish law had specified the property value to one million dollars. In the complex and ever-changing regulatory world, individuals must be aware of every procedure. A powerful way to do this is to work with a trusted legal advisory firm.

You Can Set Up Personal Company In 3 Days Only For 2000$

A health certificate proving that the applicant doesn’t have a dangerous disease. Birth certificate for each of the wife/husband and children under the age of eighteen who are applying for citizenship. Gars Consulting Company has already finished hundreds of files, whose owners have acquired Turkish citizenship in a record period, you can contact us now to inform you about the methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

turkish citizenship

When the civil war broke out in Libya, Turkey is the only country that evacuated 15 thousand Turkish citizens from the country without any problems. Being a citizen of the star of the future, which is growing day by day, respecting the rights of its citizens protecting its citizens, that is, being a Turkish citizen is a privilege that will add value to you. Let’s explain with a few examples, when the corona virus first appeared in China, no one wanted to take their citizens from China, but Turkey evacuated its citizens with the planes they sent and brought them to Turkey. Let’s assume that you get sick outside of Turkey and lack the necessary health facilities. The Turkish Ministry of Health brings you to Turkey with 25 ambulance planes suitable for long and uninterrupted flights for such situations. And the Turkish health system, which provides all these services, does not charge any fee from these patients.

This phase is the happy ending you searched for, this step usually takes from 2 to 6 months depending on Applicant’s family members. If a male applicant with multiple wives applies for citizenship, only one of the spouses will be eligible. The declaration of the values and appraisal values should be consistent with one another at the sales, in Property Registry Office. If your transaction is made in Turkish Lira or another current, the USD value is declared through the Turkish Central Bank with the current rate, at the date of your title transfer.

turkish citizenship

Turkey is one of the candidate countries to join the European Union, and one of the preferable countries for foreigners. You are not required to declare your assets or income that you currently have in other countries. Although It is not mandatory to use the services of a lawyer, we highly recommend using one to ensure the expedition of a smooth, fast, and successful application. There are several ways for a foreigner to get Turkish nationality in order to be a citizen of Turkey and to use its benefits.

Without a residence permit, your stay in Turkey will be considered illegal. Our services have helped thousands of people invest in property overseas. As an award-winning company established in 2003, we are ready to help anyone become a property owner in Turkey and get Turkish citizenship. Also, follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with property news from around the world. Yes, when making the citizenship application, you can include your spouse and children.

If they do have a dual citizenship they can choose where they want to perform the military service. If the military service has already been completed you might be asked to submit respective documents of the other country. For everybody else older than 22 when obtaining the Turkish citizenship the required procedures will be decided on by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre . Or if you have not obtained the title deed yet, be it that your property is still under construction or that you are paying in installments and will receive your title deed with the last installment rate. In these cases you can apply for the citizenship by preparing the notarized sales contract .

turkish citizenship

Getting Turkish citizenship through real estate purchase comes with plenty of perks. Not only is it the fastest way to get your papers, but it also means that your family members will be granted temporary residence permits. And, if you have children under the age of 18 then they also get to become Turkish citizens by default. The Turkish citizenship by investment program was launched in 2017 with an initial quote of at least $1 million in property investment in the country.

In the past, 2 million dollars investment capital in Turkish banks was used to be a must while 1 million property investment should be purchased. However, it complicates to become a citizen of Turkey not only as a budget, the period of paperworks go through a little harsh as well. Birth Certificate A government-issued document that shows a) name and surname, b) name and surname of mother and father, c) city and date of birth for each applicant is necessary. A court document is sufficient if proper birth certificate doesn’t exist. Title Deed Transfer Process- In the transfer of the title deed, we have an attorney present at all instances to check any problems that have the possibility of occuring and to prevent them.

We will guide you through a legitimate process and stand by your side until the deed is done. Can you buy any property to acquire Turkish Citizenship by Investment? And no, many properties will not get you your goal of citizenship acquisition. This may be whether because they do not have enough valuation or maybe the payment has been made wrong.

Attach the necessary documents showing you have purchased a property and complied with all regulations set. Attach a copy of the Title Deed, property valuation, and two receipts from your bank. One of the receipts should show a transaction in progress, while the other should show incoming status to the seller of the property. Also, present certified passports for you and your family if they are joining you. It is worth noting that Turkey has the easiest process to acquire its Citizenship across the world. It is a six-step process that is not as daunting as in other countries with hefty and nearly unrealistic demands.

Turkey’s economy recognized as a regional power while its location has given it geopolitical and strategic importance throughout history. Turkey access to 1.7 billion customers in Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa worth $25 trillion of 1.7 billion consumer market. Turkey has the world’s 13th largest GDP by PPP and 17th largest nominal GDP. resident permit turkey The country is among the founding members of the OECD and the G-20. From the Romans to the Ottomans and beyond, Turkey is one of the most historically, politically, and economically important nations in the world. It straddles eastern Europe and western Asia with cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

You are not required to live in Turkey for any duration as part of the citizenship process. You might need the proxy’s ID details, your passport, and your photo in some cases. Also, foreign buyers who do not speak Turkish need to have a sworn translator who registered to the notary office. Turkish notaries have sworn translators who will come to the notary offices within 15 minutes when they are called. To add, each Turkish Embassy and Consulate act also as a notary abroad with an appointment. Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives a person the authority to represent or act on another person’s behalf in legal issues.

turkish citizenship

In the Turkish real estate investment funds or the venture capital funds . Turkey offers one of the best “citizenship by investment” programs to provide a safe haven for your family. No matter what your current nationality is, you can become Turkish and enjoy the ability to live, work, and go to school in Turkey. Through this government-approved program, you’ll also receive a Turkish passport to travel the world freely. Former Turkish citizens who were forced to give up their can apply for the Blue Card , which gives them some citizens’ rights back, e.g. the right to live and work in Turkey, the right to possess land or the right to inherit.

Country Visa free accessVisa on arrivaleTA Duration of stay and notes Fiji Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter Fiji. Marshall Islands Turkish passport holders may obtain a 90-day Visa on Arrival. Micronesia Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter Micronesia.

turkish citizenship

Marriage to a Turkish citizen is a popular way of naturalization with ease, provided that the marriage lasts only 3 years, most importantly, the marriage contract must be legal and documented in court, not a customary marriage or through a sheikh. Applying for Turkish citizenship and the first stages of naturalization in Turkey through investment start with registering an application for Turkish citizenship and then approving the application. One of the most important advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship through economic investment. The ways to obtain Turkish citizenship 2021 are not complicated compared to ways to obtain foreign nationalities in other countries. A comprehensive checklist will be given, and you will be supported through the process of collecting documents. Experienced immigration consultants will review all documents to ensure the requirements are met.

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