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Acquiring Turkish Citizenship By Investment

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Acquiring Turkish Citizenship By Investment


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Top Nationalities To Get Turkish Citizenship By Investment And Trends

A minimum amount of property investment needs to be made to the value of USD 250k, with the condition that the investor does not sell the investment property within the three years from the start of the investment. Would you recommend going for a Turkish citizenship or a Grenada citizenship before applying for the E2 visa. Would also like to know if the amount invested in real estate in Grenada is recoupable or not. It’s main proposition remains the simplicity and the low investment threshold. Investors are able to visit Turkey for just three days and get into the program, then receive a passport.

turkish citizenship

Add to that spouses and dependants and Turkey has naturalized nearly 20,000 people since the inception of the program just three years ago. The Turkish government realized that they grossly overvalued their passport and dropped the investment needed to $250,000 in mid-2019. The fastest time to get Turkish citizenship within approximately 90 days. If you have worked legally in Turkey continuously for five years, which amounts to 1,825 days of uninterrupted work, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. Aslan Attorney serves its individual and corporate clients in English, Arabic and Russian languages in terms of both local and international business and investments. Our firm always gives solution and client-oriented, satisfaction-based legal consultancy since its establishment and always in a diligently effort to develop this approach.

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In other words, the investor will be able to get his money back with the legal interest and will be able to get dispose of the house or home he/she bought at the end of three years. In other words, the person who had acquired Turkish citizenship by investment will continue to be a Turkish citizen even if he/she withdraw his/her investment after three years. This citizenship Turkish is valid not only for the investor but also for his wife and children under 18 years. Although there is a requirement like investing in Turkey for citizenship, the condition that the investor, his wife or children must live in Turkey has not been predicted. Some significant changes were made in the legislation of acquiring Turkish citizenship through investment in 2018. Accordingly, the US dollar limit, which is required for foreign investors to acquire Turkish citizenship, has been reduced.

turkish citizenship

Trabzon Homes ® is a registered brand of Tekçe Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞ, which is an international overseas property company operating in several countries since 2004. We guide our customers through the whole journey from finding their dream home to signing for their title deeds and settling in. • All Turkish citizens can benefit from free education and health services. • Many countries do not require visas from Turkish citizens for traveling through them. Turkish citizens can stay 30 to 90 days without any visa requirements. Since its foundation in 1992,Legalixa law firm turkey Lawyershas been the choice of numerous clients in Istanbul, Turkey.

Current Visa On Passport Or The Actual Resident Permit Issued

When one thinks about Kennedy’s and Johnson’s record on civil rights, then it probably isn’t such a surprise finding out that these two presidents also spearheaded this national movement for our people with disabilities. And in the early part of the 20th Century it was also unacceptable to some of the adults, especially the parents of these disabled children. Thus, concerned and angry parents formed advocacy groups to help bring the educational needs of children with disabilities into the public eye.

No need to travel to Turkey to apply when you assign power of attorney to us. Head of the Real Estate Investment Partnership Association Feyzullah Yetkin is on record as saying that with the first reciprocity rule in 2012, the country had achieved an increase in property sales to foreigners of $4.6 billion per year. Arab nationals, in particular have been buying properties in Turkey with a view to hedge the risks of geographical instability in their native jurisdictions. Demand for Turkish residency by property investment from South Africa has already seen a dramatic increase during the course of 2018. Given the deteriorating socio-economic and political outlook in the country, South Africans are seeking out Plan B options abroad in record numbers. Looking for the cheapest investment citizenship programme options in the world in 2020?


Turks who immigrated to Germany brought cultural elements with them, including the Turkish language and Islam. These cultural values are often passed down to their children and descendants, but Turkish Germans are also increasingly secular. Greater German society has also been exposed to Turkish culture, particularly in regards to Turkish food and the arts. This means that the holder of a Turkish passport is allowed to enter 72 countries without the need for a visa. If you are interested in applying for a Turkish Citizenship by Investment, please don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation.

turkish citizenship

Take these mentioned steps and apply to the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning with your documents and your receipt. You can cash out your investment and repatriate the funds along with its proceeds (i.e. rental income, interest etc.) free of exchange control restrictions. If you prefer to buy a property with a mortgage loan or any other installment instruments, the amount that you withdraw your bank takes into consideration after the deduction of mortgage value from the certain amount. The guarantee of the Turkish government, suitable for Turkish citizenship, in vibrant and upscale areas.

Turkish Citizenship Services

Our professional and dynamic team of property investment consultants is ready to assist you with the most suitable options possible. Our in-house-lawyers are qualified for the subject and willing to help you throughout the process. Over the last 12 years Property Turkey has developed the business and the brand helping over 1000 clients from 18 countries to invest in over 900 properties in turkey.

turkish citizenship

Persuant to article 15, those whose transition Turkuaz Cards are not cancelled will then go on to recieve a permanant Turkuaz Card. For applications of a permanant Turkuaz Card applicants must have stayed within the country for at least one hundred and eighty days and must be attained before the expiry date of the card. Those who make applications after this period will be denied their applications and the Turkuaz Card will be cancelled. Foreigners who fulfill the conditions stipulated in Article 16 regarding the acquisition of the Citizenship Law by marriage can apply for citizenship. The number of people who received thereal estate conformity documentfrom 2017 until the beginning of 2020 reached about 6 thousand and 694 foreign citizens. This conformity document is the first step in the journey ofobtaining Turkish citizenshipthrough real estate ownership in Turkey.

In accordance with Citizenship Laws, property valuation and certificate of compliance shall be obtain from The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. In accordance with the Citizenship Laws no 5901, it will be acquired if all documents are fully completed according to the conditions. Besides, it’s being annotated in the land registry offices shall be determined by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

• Applicants must be respectful of national security and public order. If the application is going to be made for a foreigner under 18 must be made through legal parents. If a Turkish citizen has a court decision for any offense, a notarized copy is required. However, there are also some restrictions and laws for those who prefer a false marriage to change citizenship through marriage.

Turkish Citizenship Application With 500,000 Usd Bank Deposit

This may be the case whether the child is of stateless mother and father or he/she cannot follow the citizenship of his/her parents under the law of the state which the parents belong. Foundlings found in Turkey would be deemed to be born in Turkey and would acquire law firm istanbul unless otherwise is proved. Turkish citizenship law is based primarily on the principle of ius sanguinis .

You can reach our advocacy services and terms of service regarding Application, Representation and Process Follow-up here. TerritoryVisa free accessVisa on arrivaleTA Duration of stay and notes British Virgin Islands Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to travel to the British Virgin Islands. Tourists who wish to stay past the 30 days can apply for an extention. Cook Islands Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to travel to Cook Islands and are permitted a 31-day stay. Hong Kong Turkish passport holders do not require a passport to travel to Hong Kong.

The implementation is made if you purchase at least $250,000 in real estate. If you apply to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre during the deed transfer process, your application will be processed. You can follow all the procedures after the title deed application at the Citizenship Offices in Istanbul and Ankara.

turkish citizenship

We are aware that our clients expect to receive accurate and timely responses/actions, so you should always remember that we are accessible and responsive at all times during our services. Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent of citizenship program in Turkey. If you want to get a Turkish passport and buy real estate in the country, seek advice from the experts of investment programs. The results of Turkey’s citizenship program are published by the country’s state media, citing the Ministry of Interior, Parliament, land registry, and real estate agencies.

turkish citizenship

By as early as June 2020, over 9,000 primary applicants and more than 25,000 dependents obtained via the program. Looking to obtain Citizenship By Investment in one of the world’s most vibrant and internationally sought after travel destinations? Since its launch in January of 2017, the Turkey Citizenship By Investment Program has become one of the top-selling programs of its kind in the world — despite the Turkish passport not offering visa-free access to the EU. Children are considered Turkish citizens if they are born to a Turkish father and a foreign mother; if the lineage bond is proved. The concerned person has been residing with the aim of working in Turkey legally without interruption for five years until the date of submitting the application. Copies of the passports of all family members including the husband, wife, and children under the age of eighteen.

We help you to process your visa & assist you during the whole process of acquiring citizenship and investing in Turkey. While the program is highly popular among Middle Easterners, it’s also a great option for Americans, Europeans, Australians, Russians and investors from many Far Eastern countries as well. Moreover, there are no minimum in-country stays required, making Turkey an excellent option as a “back pocket” destination for second citizenship.

turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship by investment to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs together with the residence permit and all of the documents you get before this stage. You can obtain Turkish citizenship by property investment for yourself, your spouse and your children below 18 years with a commitment not to sell it back within 3 years. Furthermore foreigners living in our country have to carry and submit their passport with valid visa or residence permit when asked in accordance with 5682 numbered Passport law. To apply for a Turkish passport an individual has to meet specific requirements, which differ from case to case. To do this you need to contact the regional center of the origin of your business, real estate or bank account. There is a convenient Turkish citizenship program available, which makes it easier for foreigners to reside in Turkey as a citizen without much hassle.

  • If you have family and the children are under 18 and under the guardianship of one of the parents, then you will need to provide proof of content from the other parent.
  • Eswatini Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter Swaziland and can stay for up to 30 days.
  • You can apply for Turkish citizenship after living for five years in Turkey.
  • You may have to apply for dual citizenship in advance with the authorities in your home country.
  • Istanbul remains one of the most sought-after investment locations, with property prices increasing at pace, extending to the outer suburbs with residential housing, premium amenities, and growing demand.
  • So, naturally many foreigners are moving to the country or setting up businesses, and want Turkish citizenship to enjoy the same benefits as a Turk.

The property should be a complete project or a project that’s nearing completion. The property should be an approved project by the relevant authorities such as the issuance of a Title deed by the respective Ministry. Document requirements such as diplomas and passports should be translated into Turkish and notarized at the time of application.

Grenada citizenship is popular among investors due to the visa free access to China and their E-2 investor visa treaty with the USA. In the “Guide Passport Ranking Index”, the Turkish passport comes 52nd out of 111, placing higher than China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and many other countries. The rankings are predominantly down to the number of countries law firm istanbul with Visa-free access. With 111 countries granting Visa-free access to Turkish citizens, investors from many countries will benefit greatly from securing a Turkish passport. By appointment arranged by lawyers, the family can apply for ID cards and passports of the Republic of Turkey from the Turkish Consulate in the country where they are located.

turkish citizenship

Article 35 of Law No. 2644 on Land Registry sets out provisions on the acquisition of real estate by foreign natural and legal persons. Please discuss with usbefore making any decision on your real estate investment in Turkey. You can sell your real estate once the required time expires and you are granted Turkish citizenship.

Our Turkish citizenship lawyers represent our clients from application at Istanbul Immigration Office until they get their Turkish Passport. You should spend all of this money on real estate in Turkey to be eligible for a Turkish citizenship. Another Western country that’s open to business people from Turkey is the United States. If your dream is to quickly relocate stateside, you can use the E-2 investor visa to get the process started. As a Turkish national, you can live and work in the UK fairly easily. You would need to apply for a business person visa, initiate the move, and eventually even get a British citizenship if you so choose.

turkish citizenship

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