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Everything You Need To Know About Turkey Visa Requirements

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Everything You Need To Know About Turkey Visa Requirements


Turkish Visa For Turkey

General Information About Turkish Visas

The Turkish business visa is issued to travellers visiting the country for brief business meetings, conferences or lectures. Applicants for this visa will have to provide necessary documents to support their reason for traveling. The Turkish tourist visa Turkish resident permit is issued to person who want to visit family members, relatives and friends in Turkey from Ghana. The tourist visas are single-entry visa and are only valid for up to 3 months . Each traveller needs their own visa, including travelling children.

turkey visa

Incredibly proactive & professional Mr. Arif working at Zabeel Star Travel & Tourism is truly a pleasure to work with. I found the company details on social media and simply placed a called and spoke to Mr. Arif. He listened to my request patiently and offered me prompt service for Chinese visa application, within the next 2 hours of us speaking. A messenger from the company collected my documents and gave me a receipt of payment and I was informed my passport will be returned with the stamped visa on 29th Nov.

Visa Advice

Individuals travelling to Turkey this summer have been instructed to carry paper copies of their e-visa or else they would be turned away from the departure gate itself. This has resulted in confusion among the travellers because Turkey has an e-visa system that allows visitors to purchase and produce their documents online and on their smartphones. My husband & I are travelling from SFO to Prague and have a long layover (12.5 hours) in Istanbul via Turkish airlines, I was informed that I could avail of comp hotel stay.

turkey visa

The reason is simple, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada has its processes and systems fine-tuned to perfection, and the Express Entry system is a perfect example. If you are interested in getting a Canadian visa, coming to live, work or study in our great country, it is not only possible, it is a very achievable reality. After the interview your application will be transferred to the Turkish embassy who will issue your visa.

Embassies And Consulates In Haiti For Obtaining A Visa

There are two types of visit visa application process available for Pakistan. Turkey is where totally opposite worlds meet – European and Asian cultures are mixing in whimsical combinations. The submission of the required documents and forms begins the applications for your work visa and work permit simultaneously. The Ministry of Labour and Social Security will process your application within 90 days. The student visa and residence permit allow you an unlimited umber of exits and entries as long as they are valid . Make arrangements to renew your visa and permit well before they expire.

turkey visa

Normally, there is no fixed rule on the exact amount of funds required for the business application. As per the requirements, you must submit bank records that show that you have sufficient funds to support your entire stay duration. However, if you are applying for the e-visa, you are expected to have at least 50 $ for every day of your stay. The fees for the business permit is dependant on the number of entries and the foreign exchange rates. As a result, while making the payment, the exact amount will vary according to the exchange rates at that particular time. For the sticker visa, you may also have to pay additional service charges and delivery charges .

If you have applied for a Turkey Evisa, let us know in the comments. The visa process is constantly changing and it will help us updating the article if there is any change. Although they didn’t ask me for any return tickets at the immigration, it’s always a great idea to get an onward ticket that proves that you are leaving the country after your visa expires. Note- This visa will not contain the names of all the applicants, only the first person. If the eVisa is for a business trip and you need an invoice for the eVisa, then click the invoice button.

turkey visa

Those foreigners, who can obtain sticker type visas at the Turkish border gates, may also have their visas at the Turkish missions, alternatively. The term “official passports” covers diplomatic, service, special and official passports. The information presented on this web page is obtained from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey on 15 Nov, 2006. You should check with the Turkish Embassy or consulate in your country for the last minute changes.


Efficient, fast and reliable service to get visas for CIS. A minimum of two blank pages available on the passport for visa stamps. Citizens of the countries listed below are eligible for the e-Visa provided that they meet required criteria. To find out these criteria, go to Main Page, click on Apply button and select your Country of Travel and Type of Travel Document. Read more about the validity of the Turkey visa or when the Turkey visa can expire. When you submit an application through this website, it will always utilize Secure Socket Layer .

The validity period starts on the date of arrival, as filled in on the application form. During the validity period of 180 days you can stay in Turkey for a maximum of 90 days . Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 150 days each time you arrive in Turkey. All in all the process of visa procurement should be done in time, as it involves gathering documents listed above such as police report, medical clearance, document certification etc. After attaining the visa and gaining entry into Turkey.

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If it is positive you will need to isolate for a further 14 days in the facilities. Turkey will accept the UK’s proof of COVID-19 recovery and vaccination record. Your NHS appointment card from vaccination centres is not designed to be used as proof of vaccination and should not be used to demonstrate your vaccine status. Travel medical insurance for everyone from all over the world with Coronavirus (COVID-19) coverage. Get coverage for travel delay, lost checked luggage, emergency response & natural disasters, personal liability.

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