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Steps For Citizenship Acquisition By Investment In Spain

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Steps For Citizenship Acquisition By Investment In Spain


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To qualify for US E2 Visa an investor must be a national of a country with which the US maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation. Grenada is a US treaty country that can grant investors access to a US E2 visa. Additionally, the investor must commit a substantial amount of capital in an approved US enterprise and wish to enter the US for the sole purpose of developing or overseeing the approved investment enterprise. If for some reason you cannot get or renew a passport in your home country (e.g. political instability, civil war, etc.), the right to another passport can be very useful, even critical. Even if you simply lose your passport, it may take some time until you can get a replacement, and having another passport may be crucial.

United Kingdom citizenship by investment

Benefits to Australian residency include free health care, some of the world’s best beaches and visa-free access to more than 160 countries — on par with passport holders from the United States and United Kingdom. If you have money to burn and want to go down under for permanent residency and potential citizenship, then Australia’s Significant Investor Visa is the way to start. Under Hong Kong’s Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, or CIES, an investment of about $1.3 million gives applicants residency rights.

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Free movement in Schengen with residence permit (“TÍTULO DE RESIDÊNCIA”) issued by Portugal. Citizenship by Investment schemes have zero residency requirement before or after receiving passport. If you make up your mind to acquire second citizenship, you’ll no longer have to abide by your home nation’s tax laws. This way, you can enjoy your life without the worry of being taxed on your earned money. It is essential to know that offshore investment can open several opportunities for you that you might not find in your current jurisdiction or demographics.

United Kingdom citizenship by investment

Turkey also offers an e-Visa option to more than 40 countries which makes the application process easy and fast. The nationality of a spouse does not matter when it comes to applying for the United States E-2 Visa. The primary applicant for E-2 must be a citizen of an E-2 Treaty Country, but the spouse and children of the primary applicant do not need to be citizens of an E-2 Treaty Country. In theory, this means Turkish resident permit that only the primary applicant need obtain Grenada citizenship as a pathway to the E-2 Visa application. While this may make the Grenada + E2 route more financially viable to certain investors, there are nuances to this approach, so we advise you contact our team to discuss your personal circumstances. Under the pre-approved real estate option, applicants must buy property and maintain ownership for 5 years.

Belgium Residency Program

The program takes into account dependent children under 30 years old, as well as dependent parents over 55 years old. There is currently no mandatory interview Turkish work permit required to participate in the Dominican Citizenship by Investment Program. However, an interview may be required at the discretion of the government.

That is why having a visa consultant like Flying Colour will save you from unnecessary delays and endless hassles and procedures. All you have to do is prepare and pay a one-time fee to us, and we will speed up everything and do a periodic check on government agencies for you. Many programmes are readily available to the principal applicant’s family members. Investing in a second passport can give you access to some of the best schools and universities for your children. Christian Henrik Nesheim is the founder and editor of Investment Migration Insider, the #1 magazine – online or offline – for residency and citizenship by investment.

Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship By Investment

There are some exceptions for those who are not allowed by the law of their birth country to renounce their original citizenship. Many Estonians, however, tend to have a second passport, usually from Russia. The bureaucratic system is so messy there, that the government may sometimes not check the existing citizenships of a naturalized citizen. What’s interesting about dual nationals in Turkey, is that they are not required to use their Turkish passport to enter or leave the country.

United Kingdom citizenship by investment

The applicant is renouncing any income or dividends from the company, in exchange for the guaranteed option to re-sell the property back to the developer after 5 years. The Redeemable Preferred Share Offer, is a product offered which is commonly referred to as the Buy Back Option. The offer allows applicants to purchase a share within a specially appointed Cottage Suites within a real estate development for a purchase price of USD $400,000. Buying a property of any value will get you residency in Turkey but you’d need to stump up $1 million (£753k) or more to qualify for instant citizenship, and will have to commit to living in the country for three years too. Non-EU nationals who wish to move to Spain can acquire residency if they purchase property valued at $595,000 (£448k) or more.

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