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Get Citizenship By Investment Program For Vanuatu

citizenship by investment

Get Citizenship By Investment Program For Vanuatu


Legal Citizenship By Investment For Vanuatu


Established in 2017, Vanuatu citizenship by investment is a compelling option for a second passport with an expedient two step closing process that eliminates redundancy and provides a low cost structure. The Vanuatu government allows investors to qualify by making a minimum $130,000 nonrefundable contribution to the Development Support Program in exchange for Vanuatu citizenship. That’s why upon applying for the citizenship of Vanuatu, the same is not brought into the knowledge of the home country of the applicant. The entire process is completed in a minimum of 60 days and the applicant along with his/her dependents will be allotted citizenship of Vanuatu with lifetime validity.

  • It offers many of the benefits of the more prestigious programs for a much lower cost, as well as some unique advantages of its own.
  • Vanuatu has been an established financial center since 1972 with international banks present and simple account opening procedures.
  • The main applicant must be at least 18 years old and below 65 at the time of application submission.
  • But for many, the idea that passports, so tied to identity, are in some way a commodity, doesn’t sit well.
  • Vanuatu is the Bahamas of the Pacific, but it does not have tax exchange treaties in place with most countries.

Government processing of the application and due diligence checks take approximately 3 months to complete. Regardless, the good news about residency by funding is which you can apply for as much as a ten-12 months visa by paying an additional government fee. Which means you could keep away from having to renew your visa annually merely by paying more upfront. resident permit turkey The business option requires an investment of at least $1.5 million in an existing or proposed company approved by the Citizens By Investment Unit. The list of qualifying businesses includes primarily real estate and tourism-related concerns. Alternatively, you can invest a minimum of $400,000 in real estate located in an approved development area.

Vanuatu Citizenship?

Experienced immigration advisers will be checking all supporting documents for compliance to ensure all requirements are met. Applicants will be required to transfer contribution and investment amounts to special escrow accounts. Now, nonetheless, residency requires a ten million vatu funding (approximately $89,000) in some type of real estate or agricultural project. As with many different nations, residency by investment requirements have become more stringent in Vanuatu. There are an increasing amount of second residency and second citizenship programs on the market, and as I typically say, the most heavily promoted options are sometimes not the best.

vanuatu citizenship by investment

Joachim Stern coined the termjus pecuniaefor acquisition of citizenship through financial contributions and to describe the bureaucratic fees for citizenship applications. The freedom to travel offered by a second passport can open up new avenues for growth for eagle-eyed business personnel. If you plan to start company registration for Vanuatu remotely, your power of attorney should be properly legalized to be used on the territory of Vanuatu. Depending on the country of your residence, it should be either apostilled or legalized by the consulate of Vanuatu. We have listed down few more services that we provide in Vanuatu for immediate or future requirements.

Step 3: Submit Your Formal Application For Processing

Vanuatu, a chain of 80 islands in the south Pacific to the east of Australia, is part of the Commonwealth. Yes, we can guarantee that the only amount the client can potentially loose is an initial non-refundable deposit of $5,000. The full investment must be made to government ONLY after approval letter. There are no reports of Vanuatu citizenship holders having any problems with entry and stay in EU, U.K., Singapore, UAE and other visa-free countries. Due to Covid and Vanuatu borders are closed, it is not required to visit or travel to Vanuatu. The PR card is issued under the Immigration law of the republic of Vanuatu under the Visa regulation order No 180 of 2011, clause 12 and schedule 4.

Receive your citizenship certificate and passport at the nearest Vanuatu consulate. The application form is free to download from Vanuatu citizenship commission website. Before you apply through authorized agent, we recommend to be ready by completing the application form.

There’s much more to this island nation than white sand, blue skies and clear seas. The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment scheme is ranked among the top passport investment schemes making it extremely popular among those seeking to secure a Commonwealth passport. Moreover, Vanuatu is the only nation in the South Pacific, providing fast-track processing time in 2 months.

vanuatu citizenship by investment

Even negative media reports about an applicant can prompt the authorities to reject an application. The investment program allows you to obtain a Vanuatu passport relatively inexpensively. In addition, it is worth considering the amount of other costs and tax. The consideration and approval of applications for the granting of citizenship is carried out by the relevant Commission, to which documents are transferred from the Internal Screening Commission. The ability to get a second passport for bitcoins is a distinctive feature of the Vanuatu program. This country accepts cryptocurrency as an investment for citizenship .


Whether you choose a foreign residency or a second passport via citizenship by investment, you’re on the right path. And while there’s no residency waiting period, it takes these governments a little time to process your application. In other words, don’t expect to receive your second passport within a week.

vanuatu citizenship by investment

The requirements may range from a few weeks of basic training to a few years of active duty. Luckily, the US is the rare exception – in most other countries, citizenship comes with no additional tax obligations if you don’t live there. Immigration officers are not immune to racism, and some may not trust your travel document if you personally look nothing like the people from your adopted country of citizenship. For those who intend to keep their original citizenship , this second factor is the one to consider. When combining your two passports, you could unlock many more opportunities for business, work and travel.

Visitors Can Now Apply For Canada Work Permit

When applying to a specialized company the process of registration of the passport for the applicant is simple. With its powerful passport, Vanuatu has become one of the leading destinations to obtain a second citizenship. Currently, Vanuatu citizens are allowed to visit almost 150 countries and territories, without the need to obtain a visa prior to travel.

Malta citizenship program has very strict due diligence and vetting policy and application refusals are very high (refusal rates hitting 25-30%) . Vanuatu has visa free access to 130 countries in the world, according to Henley visa index 2019. Vanuatu CIP passport is valid for 5 years and validity can be extended.

Its aim is to create jobs, stimulate the economy and balance the national budget. Our IT company grew so fast that we needed to setup a global company in Canada and Australia. Vanuatu Citizenship was the quickest and most affordable option globally. I chose NCL Global Partners because they have offices in Hong Kong, Turkish resident permit Vanuatu and Fiji. After a stressful career in fund management, I am looking forward to the lifestyle and tax benefits offered by Vanuatu Citizenship. As an immigration consultant in Globevisa Group,Min has a profound understanding about immigration policy and industrial development trend in various countries.

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