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Important Facts And Benefits Of A Vanuatu Passport

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Important Facts And Benefits Of A Vanuatu Passport


Vanuatu Citizenship And Passport In 2 Months

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Vanuatu, an archipelago of approximately 83 islands, situated in the South-western Pacific Ocean East of Australia and North of New Zealand and a part of Commonwealth. Vanuatu is known as the ‘Isles of Contrast’ and ‘Paradise Islands’. Vanuatu is also popular for offshore financial center and a famous tropical holiday destination for travelers . Major economic activities in Vanuatu are agriculture, tourism, offshore financial services, fishing and cattle farming. There are no such options under the official government’s programs, but our company offers such packages for those clients interested in both Vanuatu citizenship and our real estate project Rainbow City. Please note real estate does not qualify under DSP/VCP program which offers only donation option.

The country offers a perfect balance between relaxation and adventure yet remains relatively untouched by waves of international tourism. To find out more and to have a no obligation, easy apply Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment from UAE, Dubai, UK and Pakistan. Sign-up the form and our representative will get in touch with you within few hours.

The Fastest Citizenship By Investment Programme

Most Americans looking at second citizenship by investment in securing a Plan B, while also gaining the tax benefits associated with being a citizen of a more tax-friendly country. The citizenships being provided under the VERP Program are part of a fast track citizenship program which is totally legal and follows an approved and legislated process. Tourist visa online is the world’s leading number 1 travel and visa service agency with almost 200+ countries around the globe being able to access our services. Being one of the leading service providers we have processed almost 2M+ applications all with about 99.9 percent success rates. We also have been working for the past few years at making the visa services even more user-friendly with a high technology assurance.

vanuatu passport

St. Kitts sets the minimum investment in real estate at $200,000 plus an additional $24,050 in government fees for the main applicant, and additional dependents no older than 16. And since it’s possible to generate rental income, we also reviewed each country’s real estate investment option and, again, divided this cost by the number of visa-free countries its passport allows. Recently, a number of countries have slashed their minimum investment amount. You can purchase real estate for less than before and still be eligible for citizenship by investment, making this a more attractive option .

Investment Program In South American Countries

Many applicants wish their families accompany them in every step! Vanuatu allows the investor to apply for a spouse, children, and parents if they are dependent on the principal applicant. If you do not have the qualifications to obtain a Vanuatu passport, do not apply. Options such as the Dominica Citizenship, Turkey, Cyprus passports and Portugal are better alternatives for you.

vanuatu passport

You can arrange the ceremony at your preferred location for an extra fee. After taking the Oath of Allegiance, applicants obtain their Vanuatuan passport and naturalization certificate. Passports are valid for 10 years and can be renewed for the same period. The Vanuatu government will conduct due diligence checks to confirm eligibility for the scheme.

Application Process

Stanford Knight review full documentation and submits application with 25% of Government fee to Citizenship Commission which convenes twice per month. You need to make the most of international monetary providers – A second passport will can help you get pleasure from more international monetary options. Vanuatu is understood and loved for its breathtaking chain of islands, generally known as the archipelago, which stretches 1,750 km east of Northern Australia and 540 km Northeast of New Caledonia. The islands additionally stretch so far as east of New Guinea, west of Fiji and southeast of the Solomon Islands.

The major reason behind the popularity of this programme is that there is no physical presence required. It is an attractive offering for the investors who are seeking visa-free travel to the European Union, United Kingdom and many other popular destinations. Programme department’s due diligence – You need to submit all the package documents. Here, the primary applicant or investor pays about 25% of the total investment amount.

Europe Visa Waiver Requirements For Ni

Currently Vanuatu has the fastest processing time among all other CBI programs. No, you can collect citizenship certificate along with passport from your authorized agent or at Vanuatu consulates worldwide. FIU also monitors of all successful applicants in the Program with re-screeing of checks and provides reports to Vanuatu citizenship commission for adverse reports.

Applications submitted are analyzed by representatives of the relevant government authorities of Vanuatu. Based on the results of the study, conclusions are made that applicants have the right to citizenship, filed a full package of documents and correctly filled out the application form. The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment scheme is ranked among the top passport investment schemes making it extremely popular among those seeking to secure a Commonwealth passport. Moreover, Vanuatu is the only nation in the South Pacific, providing fast-track processing time in 2 months. And with a low investment threshold, the Vanuatu CIP is becoming ever more sought-after. Although the tourism industry disruption caused by the pandemic is devastating, local authorities of Vanuatu have contributed to the national budget by simplifying the process of granting Vanuatu citizenship for investment.


Passengers from Vanuatu with an approved ETIAS that comply with all the European entry requirements will be allowed to cross the border. The visa waiver will be valid for 3 years from the issue date as long as the associated passport remains current. Citizens of Vanuatu, including Citizenship Investment Program participants, can travel to these nations with a valid passport. staying permit turkey owners still need a valid visa to travel to Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Canada, United States, Lebanon, Iraq, New Zealand, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates. A mutual visa waiver was signed between Vanuatu and Schengen Area nations in May 2015, and a similar agreement was approved with Russia in September 2016. From breathtaking views of the glittering ocean waters and luscious green landscapes to the warm climate and small-island vibe, it’s a place where everyone is made to feel at home.

While not all countries allow you to hold two passports at the same time such as India or China, most countries such as the USA, Canada and the UK do. There are also those countries where its a grey zone, like Germany, Panama, and Singapore where it is generally not allowed in theory though often done in practice. We can have initial approval , on Government letterhead, in less than 10 days, and subject all the application documents and due-diligence being prepared correctly, the passport can follow in as little as 45 days. The principal immigration officer issues Certificates of Identity to Vanuatu citizens or any non-national when the officer determines that a need to travel exists and no passport is available. These documents are also issued to persons the principal immigration officer determines to be stateless persons of refugees.

Have you ever daydreamed about escaping somewhere in the South Pacific, to relax on a beach and to drink a cold drink next to a perfectly blue ocean? When the hustle and bustle of the United States or Europe gets to be too much for you, escape to Vanuatu and relax on the soft, white sands of the only provider of economic citizenship in the region. All other countries do not disclose names to public to protect confidentiality and privacy of passport investors. Currently No governments officially accept Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies for CBI schemes. Antigua approved accepting bitcoin, but the process still in the pipeline. These countries that offer best education and healthcare for investors.

Applicants and family members who apply for CBI programs may be refused for several reasons. These include ineligible country, failing background checks, visa denials, failing to prove source of origin of funds, sanctioned list, false information in application, wanted list, imprisonment etc. Grenada, Montenegro, Turkey, Bulgaria are the only CBI countries that have E-2 investor visa agreement with United States.

vanuatu passport

You keep your legitimately earned wealth and asset base secure. With increasing regulatory scrutiny of digital assets, acquiring a second citizenship from a safe, secure, and tax-free country can enable you to protect your crypto wealth. You also need to know that there are two different programs in Vanuatu! One is especially for citizens from China and Korea, which is a bit more expensive, the other is for the rest of the nationalities. There are many black sheep in this area, which require the investor to transfer the funds to their own company account !

vanuatu passport

All Applications can now be filed online cutting processing times. St Lucia in 2017amended their citizenship lawsto decrease the investment amount $100,000 making it one of the competitive and attractive CIP’s in the Caribbean. There are no residence requirements and no visit to St Lucia required to get the St Lucian passport. Malta currently offers a one-of-a-kind program and has the cheapest EU passport that you can buy which gives you access to all of Europe through its citizenship through investment program. For 600,000 EUR the process takes up to 36 months, but for a donation of 750,000 EUR the application can be expedited and completed in 12 months. In order to fulfill the requirements, you need to rent a property for no less than 16,000EUR a year for 5 years or purchase a property of 700,000EUR or more.

It is today a cosmopolitan mix of people and ethnic groups who have made Vanuatu their home. With an abundance of local resources, lifestyle law firm turkey is still very much on a subsistence scale. The local Ni Vanuatu speak 3 languages, mainly Bislama which is the National Language.

The applicant needs to pay the remaining 75% of the application fee + Certificate Fee + Passport Printing Fee within 14 working days after the FIU clearance. Vanuatu offers theircitizenship by investmentopportunity under a specialDevelopment Support Program giving individuals and their families full Vanuatu citizenship in exchange for a donation of USD 130,000 for a single applicant . After your application has been approved and you get the passport, you and your dependents will be granted lifetime citizenship in Vanuatu. Passports are valid for a period of 5 years and renewable for the same period like normal citizens. You want to avoid rigorous visa application process- Getting a visa is quite a frustrating undertaking.

vanuatu passport

The good news is that necessity goods usually have a customs duty rate that ranges between 5%-15% so they remain viable in a financial sense. One of the most intriguing aspects of life in Vanuatu is the absence of turkish citizenship any type of personal income tax with the exception of rental tax. If you are an individual with any sort of revenue other than rental revenue, be it a salary, dividends, pensions, or otherwise, you are not taxed.

vanuatu passport

To enter Vanuatu, a passport valid for six months beyond the date of planned departure is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above. Vanuatu citizens are REQUIRED to get a valid visa to enter Vietnam for either tourism or business purpose. The passport officers have agreed after consultations with VIS that they would not be paid any salaries, but, they could charge an amount not exceeding USD1,000. VIS is an important partner in the implementation of the program. VIS prints passports for interested individuals who have become citizens of the Republic of Vanuatu under the program. The government through the Department of Vanuatu Immigration Services has appointed passport officers in four countries.

So, it won’t be an exaggeration if the government claims that today’s economic citizenship programs are the lifeblood of the Vanuatu economy. Gotten rid of unnecessary bureaucracy, the local authorities of Vanuatu now allow the applicants to apply for the program without visiting the country. Thus, you are not required to have an extensive travel in order to obtain citizenship and a passport in Vanuatu.

vanuatu passport

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