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Citizenship By Investment Portugal

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Citizenship By Investment Portugal


How To Get Cheapest Citizenship By Investment Passport?

Monthly Greek Golden Visa Approvals Have Grown By 367% Since May

Thus, you can be much more flexible in choosing your investment options. After the fifth year, you can apply for permanent residency followed by citizenship. After you provide the necessary documents, your application process will start and will usually take 3 to 6 months. At the end of the application process, you will receive a 1-year-long residence permit as part of your Golden Visa in Portugal.

We currently hold a track record of 100% success in obtaining Visa and Citizenship for our customers, the Visa by Investment program. By getting a Visa by Investment you are entitled to live, travel, work or study in 26 Countries. Visa by Investment a unique opportunity to obtain residence in Europe, on Portugal, a growing economy and one of the safest countries in the world. Portuguese residency immediately grants visa-free travel throughout the Schengen States. Portugal is also well known as a politically and economically stable country and ranks highly for quality of life and cost of living.


A straightforward and fast-tracked program with a modest investment size, the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program is the largest citizenship program by volume in the world. Citizenship by investment programs can also negatively affect all states in the region. In the case of violations of the conditions of the program, a person involved in financial or other offences can become a citizen.

portugal citizenship by investment

In case of just savings, you will need to prove that you will be able to sustain yourself for at least 24 months in Portugal – the length of validity of your initial residency permit. Don’t worry, there are still a few fast tracks to citizenship that don’t involve having blood resident permit turkey ties to a country. In fact, the second easiest way to get a passport simply requires you to have a little patience and to put in a little time. In this article, we’ll cover both questions and even include the easiest European citizenship and passport options for 2021.

Low Investment Requirement:

If you’re not already based in Portugal, you should make sure to pick a date when you and your family can all travel to Portugal. For anything you need to collect in/from Portugal, your lawyer can help you out a lot, including the documentation relating to your investment. Anything issued by a foreign entity has to be legalized (e.g., with an apostille if your country of origin has signed the Hague convention). Again, all documentation needs to be issued within 90 days before the date you submit your online application. Documents showing a good standing with the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority and Social Security system. If you decide to go it alone instead of working with a buyer’s agent, you should anyway hire a lawyer to look over contracts and other legal aspects of the investment before signing anything.

portugal citizenship by investment

The Golden Visa scheme also offers permanent residency to new non-EU residents in return for €350,000 – €500,000 in an approved investment, including real estate. TheSpain Golden Visa offers Spain residency for a EUR 500,000 minimum investment in real estate, or a EUR 1 Million Euro asset transfer, or a 2 Million Euro securities investment, or the creation of a new government-approved business project. We strongly believe in offering our valued customers only bespoke and personal advice, that’s why we know which investment program for permanent residence or citizenship is best for you and your family.

Furthermore, after five years of successful residency, they become eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship. This gives them the right to live, work, and study in all European Union countries. Investors can make their investments in different forms, which we will explain later in this article. When they make their investments, they obtain a residence permit in Portugal. Cons It takes five years to gain citizenship and investors must reside in Portugal for at least 35 days during those five years. Real estate in the main centres of Portugal, the cities of Lisbon and Porto, will no longer be eligible for investment under a new government guideline, coming later in 2020.

portugal citizenship by investment

Portuguese Golden Visa holders receive a temporary residence permit for two years. Visa renewals last for two-year periods and, after five years, you can apply for permanent residence and citizenship. The Portugal Golden Visa Programme offers a fast, simple path to establishing a foothold in Europe. The Portuguese passport is one of the world’s best, with visa-free travel to the U.S. and freedom of movement across Europe. The Portugal tax regime is also very advantageous to non-domiciled individuals as they are not liable for their foreign income. Alternatively, investors may also consider the Greece golden visa program.

Citizenship by Investment schemes have zero residency requirement before or after receiving passport. There are mainly two routes, one is residency and other is instant citizenship with a passport . Citizenship by investment (“CBI”) and Residence by investment programs (“golden visas”) have seen big growths in recent years. Jus pecuniae means acquiring citizenship against financial contribution. But citizenship for many immigrants, comes at a significant financial cost.

portugal citizenship by investment

This special tax status is valid for ten years and entitles its holder to a reduced tax rate of 20% on income from employment or independent work. A residence permit holder in Portugal acquires the same rights as the other residents, except for the right to take part in elections. Arton Capital’s proprietary program tools allow investors to learn about each citizenship program and compare them side by side. We believe it is crucial for investors to understand the cost and benefits of each program so that they may make the right decision for themselves, their families and their businesses. All requirements must be met in order for citizenship applications to be approved by the host government. Traditional means of acquiring citizenship and the corresponding passports have been birth, naturalization and marriage.

To apply for the program, the person has to be a non-European Union citizen, above the age of 18 with a clean criminal record. Yes, you can include qualified members of your family in the application or add them after you have obtained your citizenship for an additional fee. A qualified family member can be a child not older than 25 years, a spouse, and parents and in-laws older than 50 which are financially dependent on the main applicant. There are minimal physical residency requirements, you are required to visit Portugal for 7 days per year.

Such geographical ubiquity allows us to quickly deal with any operational issues. This in turn, noticeably speeds up the process of obtaining one’s second passport. In fact, the Internations Expat Insider Survey ranked Portugal 1st for quality of life in 2019, with the country scoring especially high on climate, safety, security and quality of environment.

Does The Applicants Family Also Benefit From The Portugal Golden Visa?

Provided that you remain in Portugal for a minimum period of 183 days per year and continue meeting the mandatory D7 Visa requirements, you can become eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship and a passport after 5 years. We are now happy to announce that submissions for the new investment options on Golden Visa are already 100% active and we are now in conditions submit your application. Please check bellow the new options for golden visa which will enlarge the initial ones. For current holders of Golden Visa Residence Permits please note that nothing have changed in regards to your class of investment and you are able to continue your program without any change. Permanent residency in Europe offers a wide number of benefits including lifestyle, education, healthcare and visa free access to large numbers of countries. You’ll need to have your fingerprints and photo taken at a visa application center to get a biometric residence permit.

It offers one of the cheapest golden visa programs with easy access to the best locations in the world. Investors can invest in coastal areas like Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, and many more. They can attain a peaceful lifestyle for them and their families, along with a residential property in some of the best regions in the country. It also gives Turkish staying permit investors the opportunity to apply for permanent residency and citizenship after only 5 years, all without having to live in Portugal. The process requires the applicant to demonstrate ties to the country and pass a basic language test. A Portuguese citizenship will grant the right to live, work and study anywhere in the European Union.

portugal citizenship by investment

These bonds don’t pay any interest and are expensive – $500,000 for a family of four (and $567,000 in all-in costs). Keep in mind, however, that on top of the donation/investment amount and the government fees, you’ll have to pay a commission to an agent who will lodge your citizenship application with the government. But compared to other options, a donation to a government fund is often the best and the simplest way to obtain a cheaper passport.

portugal citizenship by investment

Please note Portugal grants Permanent residence permits valid for 5 years for 500k euro and above investments, all investments below this will receive Temporary residence permits valid for one or two years with extensions. GV scheme offers path to become portuguese citizen after 5 years, while maintaining all investments plus passing A2 language test and no criminal record. Cambodia offers citizenship against cash donationUSD 250,000to economic rebuilding of Cambodia, according toArticle 12 Law of 1996 Nationality Act. An investment of USD 1.5 million also qualify for citizenship by investment in a Asian country. Saint Lucia launched Covid-19 relief government bonds for USD 250,000 held for 5 years (50% discount limited offer until Dec 31, 2020).

portugal citizenship by investment

Most programs in the Caribbean do allow your direct descendants to obtain a passport, but usually only after they pay a hefty fee. There is usually just a trivial fee of around $100 involved for applying for a passport booklet. With many Citizenship By Investment programs, passing your citizenship down to a future generation is not easy. On a bright side, five years later, St. Lucian government should pay you the $250,000 bond amount back, so your final cost for the passport will just be the fee of $37,500.

To get a Golden Visa for Portugal, applicants need to either invest €500,000 into real estate or €350,000 into real estate requiring renovation. Real estate for rent in Portugal is extremely appealing, as there are many international educational institutions in the country, not only in Porto and Lisbon, but also in other cities of the central region, such as Coimbra. The acquired property with universities Turkish work permit and schools nearby will bring a stable rental income. Now you can open a bank account and get a tax number remotely by issuing a power of attorney to a local lawyer. All documents are translated by certified specialists, their copies can be submitted to the relevant authorities. A minimum of seven days stay in Portugal during the first year and no less than 14 days each two-year period.

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